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Free Alternative to Exercise


How would you like to feel better knowing that you can do it yourself. Try resetting what is called the alpha-gamma loop with this natural mind-body alternative to exercise.

All it takes is 3 Simple Steps… to remember & rediscover how to…move like a healthy comfortable animal again.

• Rid stiffness instantly.
• Let go of stress and tension quickly.
• Get out of back pain and sleep more easily.
• … and find out how the brain and body work together for you.

Join our Free 3 Part Video Training where you’ll get Free Audio recordings to keep so you can feel good right now.

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Alternative to Exercise

To get our free somatic alternative to exercise audio classes in our new free 3 part video training course, please fill in your name and best email address below to get immediate access.



The free somatic videos and audios are very helpful for the back, hamstrings, hips and some neck and shoulder problems. The system of somatics exercises are un-like most other exercises. They are really the reverse of everything else out there since we all can remember and rediscover how to use our somatic nervous system naturally.

The somatic alternative to exercise movements are simple, easy, and in fact you don’t even have to do them… you can listen and just imagine doing them and still get the benefits. Now how cool is that.

Take care of your self naturally and easily… the lazy way with the somatic alternative to exercise.

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  • Along with these easy Downloadable Audio Recordings of Somatics Alternative to Exercise un-Exercise Movements, you’ll get a set of guidelines and more information about what in the heck Somatics is, how to handle cramps and muscle spasms, and more useful information on how to rid stiffness, let go of stress and tension.

Discover how to stop pain and discomfort in 3 simple steps using your somatic nervous system the way nature intended with the alternative to exercise known as somatics exercises.


Ed Barrera is a Hanna Somatic Educator®, Holistic Health Advisor and author of of Move Like an Animal with over 14 years of experience, helping people find natural pain relief through somatics exercises which are the reverse to most approaches since it is a brain and body un-exercise system to muscle lengthening, relaxation and control. The brain’s motor cortex is a pathway to a healthy, fully-functional body. It’s not just “alternative medicines” or “an alternative to exercise”; it’s natural pain relief that actually works!

If you’re unfamiliar with the somatic definition, visit our What is Somatics? page, where we define somatic and explain more about somatics and how somatics information will help you direct your “well being” toward natural healing and pain relief.