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Stress happens! So what do you do about it?

What to do about Stress?

Some people will say just “relax and breathe”.

Easier said than done, unless you have a set of proven relaxation and meditation techniques at your disposal.

Zen Sensei and life coach, Pompe Strater-Vidal is inviting you to join me and 20+ other experts in meditation, mindfulness, and stress reduction.

Meet the Experts - Relax and Breathe

Discover simple, surprisingly easy, and relaxing strategies to reduce stress and tension to rejuvenate yourself.

You’ll hear about methods which takes minutes per day to enjoy and finally – relax and breathe.

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This FREE EVENT includes two 30-minute interviews over 11 days with these experts too.

Relax and Breathe - More Experts

You don’t have to have a lot of experience or extensive knowledge to feel the relief you’ll be able to create.

These people will show you ways to increase your energy and focus too.

Increased Energy and Focus

Hey, registration is completely FREE when you register here.

I’m always looking for new insights to “experience the body from within” – the definition of Somatics.

In other words, it’s about how you feel, perceive and experience your living being.

These experts will offer a simple solution for you to use to:

• Reduce stress & tension
• Manage anxiety
• Get some good sleep
• Awaken your entire being and the joy you can feel right now

So join us in the Relax and Breathe Summit – sign up today.

Want to discover some of the most powerful scientific and spiritual conscious expansion tools on the planet – doled out in daily nuggets you can do in minutes and it’s 100% free to join in.

Even if you’re an experienced meditator like myself, there’s always a new wrinkle or ways to further deepen your own practice and enhance your performance in many areas of life.

The ancient practice of meditation has even gone mainstream with my local NFL football team, the Seattle Seahawks. Go Hawks!

Shucks, my fellow soccer competitors may come out of the closet too and reveal how the mind, body and spirit can be dramatically lifted.

Inner Riches Meditation Experience for All Types of Athletes & Non-Athletes Too

It’s been part of my sports performance and soccer training for some time, although I add in brainwave entrainment that most anyone can do – and this is what you’ll learn about in the Inner Riches Meditation Experience.

So if you’re looking for a way to breakthrough or hop on board to a more empowered and fulfilling life – you gotta join us.

Plus, this event is 100% complimentary.

Please RSVP for the Inner Riches Meditation Experience.

If you’ve never meditated – no worries – this event is for ALL skill levels.

Achieve Quicker Life Results with the Inner Riches Meditation Experience

You’ll be able to overcome any number of blocks or obstacles which can get in the way of what you in life – from your health, fitness, money, relationships, a job or career, and what you want to leave behind for others.

Inner Riches Meditation Experience

You can do this and achieve an exceptional state of meditation on demand.

Join us today in the Inner Riches Meditation Experience.

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Jamie Oliver is at it again with Food Revolution.

If you’ve got to learn the fundamentals of reading and writing so you can support yourself later in life. Doesn’t it make sense to learn about the very thing you put in your mouth everyday ?

The body experienced from within, aka somatics, also has to do with how your body feels.

Food Revolution at school

How your body can be a barometer in what you eat and how it makes you feel wasn’t particularly addressed in any of the schools or university I attended.

OK, that was awhile back when we had real – not REAL – food devoid of many the insidious ingredients that many of us can’t pronounce or actually know what it is.

So Jamie has a petition where you can sign:

to help kids know how to simply prepare a meal and find out what ingredients – like tomatoes, asparagus, and apples – are actually about.

Food Revolution Question?

Did you know one of the definition’s of food says this: any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth.

What is necessary for health and growth is one thing. You probably know or have an idea of what it takes to thrive and feel great when it comes to food or its next level of nutrition.

It’s almost hard to believe in an abundant society, there is a need for a food revolution – but what do your eyes see at schools today?

Do you think a food revolution makes sense today?

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Mom & Dad kept telling me to drink milk. There are billboards and commercials telling me to drink this stuff to get enough calcium to help our bones.

I don't drink itOddly enough, cows don’t drink cows milk according to Jason Vale from Super Juice Me.

He says a bull elephant with those great big tusks drinks no milk, yet maintains their big pearly whites with another source.

They get all their calcium from green leafy vegetables and fruits..

Fruits and vegetables like the ones in the list below – can make a fantastic juice and help supply your calcium needs.

They may even be a better source too.

Here’s the list in case you want to give Jason Vale’s Calcium Refresher juice a try.

1 Apple
1 Pear
1/4 Cucumber
1” or so of Broccoli stem or the tops
1 Lime peeled
1 Handful of Fresh Mint
1 Handful of Spinach Leaves
1/2 Turnip

Drink These Save a Cow

This cow’s milk alternative juice comes with magnesium, sulfur, iron, vitamins a, b & c.

Plus he says the pear is good to help lower cholesterol and is in rich in pectin.

That cucumber is a natural diuretic and rich in silicon to help your hair, skin and nails too.

Plus when is the last time you juiced a turnip and some mint together?

So happens, Jason’s movie, Super Juice Me is Free to Watch until midnight February 15th, otherwise you can get a copy of it and watch how people go through a 30 day juice fast.

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the bull elephant’s cow milk alternative in a juicy way.

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A somatic check-in is how you normally start doing somatics exercises or when you want to simply notice your feelings or sense perceptions right now. 

It’s simple, all you have to do is notice yourself in the present moment.

For instance, how or what are you feeling right now throughout your entire body?

Somatic Check-In

So let’s do a somatic check-in.

When you check-in, you can lie on the floor and let your body sink into the surface and then wait.

While your waiting, this is the time to sense or feel what you can right now.

The time can be short and sweet or last up to a couple of minutes or more as you take the time to feel, notice, sense and appreciate what your body is telling you.

As you lie on the floor and check in – How do you make contact with the floor?

How did you choose to arrange yourself on the floor?  Knees bent, legs straight, legs crossed?

Do you feel your breath?

Do you feel or notice any aches, pains or stiffness? 

Taking an Internal Inventory to Self Sense & Appreciate

Your simply taking an internal inventory to feel what signals, both good and bad arise in the present moment of now.

As you lie there:

Do your legs feel the same?

Does one side feel longer or shorter than the other?

Does one feel heavier or lighter?

How do your hips feel?

Do they feel the same or a little different?

Take the time to linger, compare and contrast.

Notice how you positioned your arms.

Are your arms at your sides?

Do you have them folded in a comfortable or familiar way?

Are your palms facing the same direction?

Are your shoulders lying level on the floor?

Do you feel tilted on one shoulder more than the other?

Now, focus your attention on your spine.

Feel the length of your spine from your tailbone all the way to your head.

Then feel how your entire body makes contact with the surface.

You’ve now checked in somatically speaking.  The body experienced from within is available any time you choose.  It’s a matter of you giving yourself the precious gift and time to check in now.

So many people do not check in and feel themselves unless there is pain.  The more you check-in, the easier it is to take a moment here or there as life speeds busily by.

Watch and listen to this somatic check-in.

Doing Nothing is All Right

If someone were to see you lying there, they wouldn’t necessarily know the flashlight of awareness your shining on or within yourself.

You could have checked in with your 4th toe on your left foot for instance.  How often do you that?

Then you might decide to travel up to your right eyebrow and feel its length, width and breadth.

So whether you choose to focus on certain specific parts of yourself or your entire self, this flashlight of awareness uses your brain and body in a more conscious manner.

Leisurely checking in lets you feel any stress, tension, stiffness or tightness.  Then you can feel or see if things let go on their own accord.

If not, then you can use your brain-body with some wonderful somatics exercises to change discomforting signals into ones of pleasure.

Then at the end, you can check-in again and feel what changes have taken place or what new sensations or feelings you are now aware of.

So, let me know if you took a moment in now to lie down and check-in.

What did you feel?

How would you describe your sensations, feelings or perceptions now?

No Icing, Hot Tubs or Ibuprofens NecessaryA somatic athlete doesn’t rely on ice, ibuprofens, or a hot tub in order to relax and release stiffness or soreness.

The somatic athlete knows how to recover and rejuvenate simply using the brain and body together.

You don’t have to be an athlete.  Having the desire to master your body’s signals lets you take care of most any pain, discomfort, and stiffness.

After all, it’s our natural birthright to move well.

Of course, you have to maintain this ability which is afforded through the act of pandiculation or in the ways we’ve systematized somatics exercises.

Somatic Athlete Series

Not having the range of motion you think you oughta have?

I think I can touch my toes

Is the stiffness, lack of mobility getting in the way to feel free again?

Are you’re left limping or struggling to move comfortably?

You see, a somatic athlete knows to pandiculate out stiffness and high tension levels more quickly so she can return to her favorite activity or have less down time recuperating.

A somatic athlete plays the inside game of going into the body and the nervous system where the flow of information can be managed and updated like software.

Master Brain Software

Starting with your brain’s motor cortex, you can regulate tension levels along feedback loops of information.

You can feel and watch how a certain intention to move is followed by the movement you’re focusing your attention upon.

Much like an advanced athlete who uses visualization, guided imagery and meditates on a particular course or series of purposeful actions or movements which could occur.

The brain is now highly engaged.

Your intention to move sets up the brain’s motor cortex to learn how to move more successfully.  You can program better movement by going cortical.

Intention to Move Starts Here

After the learning has occurred, the program shifts to the lower brain so you can use it without as much thought.

A somatic athlete uses her brain to change the output of the negative signals she feels.

She’ll go cortical by using her intention and get out of discomfort and improve her feelings of well-being since she is at the place where you can change and affect the output of information the brain sends down to the muscles and movement system.

In time, you can master life-long comfort and the maintain the ability to use your body wisely and happily.

The opportunity to use using the brain’s cortex so you can feel fully relaxed, recuperated and rejuvenated is available on any moment’s notice when you set the power of intention as your starting point.

This is the realm of the somatic athlete.

Somatics Athlete Series Realm

Having a quiet confidence in knowing how to reset tension and stress so the hobbling, limping and altered walking after some physical activity doesn’t happen can be yours.

You’ll know what to do and how to take care of negative signals quickly.

Besides, once you begin to incorporate this in your daily life, you return to those childlike feelings of freedom when you could wield your body and do new things even as you age.

Feel free to join us to:

Discover the Secrets of a Somatic Athlete in our somatics athlete series.

Then let us know if you are a somatic athlete too?

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What causes us to tilt or walk with a hitch in certain ways?  How do we get out of it?

Compensated Tilted Walking

Traumas, falls and accidents can leave you whomp sided, although you will do the best you can to move as well as you can afterwards.

Even habits–such as driving a car and sliding the leg long to depress the gas pedal over and over again or the way you sit or work creates certain patterns.

Our unconscious habitual ways we stand or motion or move ourself can reinforce patterns which serve us to a point.  When things become uncomfortable or we’re held in a titled or shifted manner, we’re left compensating.

Standing Compensations

The simple act of standing and feeling yourself can reveal comfort or discomfort.  You can stand as you normally stand and wait.  Feel whatever sensations or feelings come up as you simply stand and feel from within how you are feeling in the moment you take to check in.

When you take a moment to consider how you move your entire self or parts of yourself doing any physical activity, you might uncover certain surprises which can open both the brain and body to new possibilities and you’ll certainly learn how coordinated you are or aren’t.

For example, by driving a left hand drive or right hand drive car, you’d certainly feel a shift of a learned habit by fumbling for a moment on a new habit or physical activity to learn.

This can let you know how one sided, how predominant and how whomp sided you may have become over the years of doing a physical movement in a certain way.

There is nothing wrong with specializing a movement pattern or doing regular exercise over and over, unless we feel certain discomforts.

But what if you went inside and fine tuned your nervous system so it could respond in a different un-whomped, less cattywampus manner?

Fine Tuning the Nervous System

Regaining conscious voluntary control with the muscles and your movement system–a system of coordination–starting with signals from the brain to generate a movement can unlock cattywampus tendencies and patterns.

The lower brain does learned movement and acts to balance or coordinate a movement.  It becomes unconscious and automatic so you don’t have to think about it.

The signals up and down the nervous system to self-adjust tension, compression, extension, rotation–mostly go un-noticed.

The sense receptors of the tendons, ligaments, joints, bones, muscles and the fascia tune in and shift to move you around.

Imagine having to pay attention to all of that on a minute to minute basis.  It would almost be incomprehensible.  Your descriptions of all the senses you notice could be all over the place as to the what or how this feels like to you.

The inner game or inner knowing of our internal connections is a place where many no longer visit.  The price for not visiting and checking in can result in discomfort and the feelings of pain being generated.

Your inner self is waiting to be explored.  The act of pandiculation is your natural birthright to self-correct.  The system of somatics exercises uses the act of pandiculation to target the brain’s motor cortex.  This is far different than regular exercise since the movements are done with a greater consciousness.

Somatics Exercises Target the Brain's Motor Cortex.019
When you do this consciously by feeling, sensing, coordinating, exploring… you are learning and being with the process of self-evolution itself.

How you either evolve or de-evolve physically is a choice in the inner game or somatic mastery of yourself.

By not playing in the inner realm, you can lose contact with yourself, your own vitality, and your own sense of well-being.   Your memory can fade and most obviously, you may not move or feel as well as you used to.

This has nothing to do with age, it is simply abdicating the inner self. The painful or discomforting signals we feel have an opposite in the pleasurable signals, feelings and sensations you can regenerate.

To be able to walk comfortably can be set up by feeling and self-adjusting your joints, the smaller muscles, and the smaller parts of walking itself.  Then when you walk, you can feel at a deeper level whatever you want to tune into as you walk.

You might even feel the shifts which can occur as you walk when you quiet your internal dialogue and simply feel how your body moves and changes as you walk.

This type of inner knowledge is invaluable since it serves to keep you connected to yourself and to the earth as you navigate without walking sticks, special shoes, knee braces, taping your muscles, etc.

In other words, to move like a comfortable human animal is to fully feel the sensations of walking itself and how this grand act changes during a simple walk.

Instead of focusing on how far or how fast you walk, you could tune into the adjustments which take place when you walk on the cracks in the sidewalk, how your foot turns over a cobblestone path, or how your hips shift if the hill or slant is a bit sideways.

You can even play one of our  favorite somatic games – place your fingers on your ears and close them.  Then walk and listen as you walk on some pavement.  Can you hear your own internal sound?

Then find the earth and listen now to how your body speaks to you.

Please join us in a different somatics exercise walking class.

You’ll begin with our normal somatic way of exploring movements on the ground.  You’ll get to reset tension back to comfortable levels.  Then you’ll shift to our normal upright ways and play with walking in a way you may not have for some time.

You’ll gain greater awareness and ultimately better control which you can bank on, even as you age.

You can go from cattywampus and back to somatic mastery by joining us in our online somatics exercise class which is available for immediate access.

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Wanna know how to reverse chronic disease?

Learn some of the latest in innovative and new proven health care models and strategies during the Evolution of Medicine Summit which you can attend online for FREE.

Medicine is evolving.

Evolution of Medicine Summit

FREE and online September 8-15, 2014

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This worldwide online (and free) event will feature more than 30 people leading the change for a more empowered, proactive and patient-valued focused healthcare system.

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Find out how to:

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• and More.

See you at the Evolution of Medicine Summit.

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Are you in the Nap Zone?

Napping Benefits

Want to remember more easily, be more productive and have better health?

Then take an afternoon zzzzz according to Brain Rules author, John Medina.

[vimeo 93047638 w=500 h=281]

NASA found pilots performed better when they took a short afternoon siesta.  No wonder why my dogs use this same strategy and somehow continue to move well in a moment’s notice.

In the afternoon, your brain will try to get you to go down.  In our hectic, busy, everyday life, our mind has got to keep us going so we can go-go-go and do-do-do.  In the middle is a battle of the brain cells telling you one thing and you getting your brain cells to do another.

Or is it you ate too much pasta for lunch and you just wanna lie down with a fully belly?

The loss of sleep can harm you.  You can get in a foul mood, your logical reasoning can slow, and your attention can drift.

Napping On the Job

While it may be hard to convince your boss, napping on the job or napping during the day may help.  People like Pablo Picasso and many others knew napping, increased productivity.

The evidence is gaining and we can all benefit just like other countries or regions which understand how nature has some of the answers to better health built in.  Or you can watch or ask Fido.

Better Health

Check out John’s book, Brain Rules, and find out more napping benefits and other cool brainiac things which can lead to a healthier and fun productive life.