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Neck and Shoulder PainThe holiday period can be a source of increased stress when there is little time to do all the things we want. The “to do” list may be a little longer than usual and increase any neck and shoulder pain.

As the pressures, tension and stresses keep adding up, what do we do to safely and effectively release the valve of pent-up demands on us?

The Stress of Neck and Shoulder Pain

All stress isn’t bad. There is both positive and negative stress. The good stress comes in thinking about all the wonderful gifts or things we’d like to do for our loved ones this season.

The negative stress may happen as we get ‘er done filling in the list with little time to do so. So how can we handle the negative stress so it doesn’t adversely affect us?

Pandiculate Neck and Shoulder Pain

One simple way is to pandiculate out the building negative tension. This way we keep it bay and can continue to take on stress as it comes.

Fortunately, we’ve systematized pandiculations as somatics exercises where we do very simple movements to get the brain to release chemicals of relaxation and this lowers tension levels.

In this giving season, you can give yourself a much needed break from rising tension which may add to any neck and shoulder pain.

Holiday Stress Buster – Neck and Shoulder Pain Audio Recording

If you haven’t accessed the free 15 minute audio routine to release the neck and shoulders. Try this for neck and shoulder pain.

You’ll be able to do these easy moves while your standing in line waiting or sitting in the car when traffic isn’t moving.

Have all the stress you want… and let it go as easily as a duck ruffles its feathers. Don’t let neck and shoulder pain slow you down for the holidays.


Head Movements

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Simple, easy head movements can give us a more comfortable neck and shoulders.

Head movements don’t have to be difficult

In fact, our neck, shoulders and head oughta move freely and easily.

If your head has been stuck by either tight neck muscles or tensed up shoulders, there is a natural way to release the built up muscular tension.

You can try the head movements below just for fun.

Fun head movements to try

See, that wasn’t so hard. Or was it difficult to keep your head facing forwards or not tweaking yourself.

When we’ve endured enough head and neck pain, that movement among others can prove to be difficult. I remember when my neck pain felt like a hard sore block that wouldn’t budge or let me move freely. Turning my neck seemed like it was one of the hardest things to do.

Yet when we consciously remind our body of the available movements that we can do, our brain can release neurochemicals of relaxation while we are regaining function so we can enjoy the mobility we richly deserve.

Not moving in a variety of directions begins to limit our body and perhaps our thinking too.

The head movements connection to the rest of our body is evident when we have to feel or sense our self not only at the movement of the head sliding along the surface… but how it relates with the rest of our body.

We are one piece, last I checked and the more we check-in, the far easier it is to self-correct naturally.

More on somatics exercises and head movements

When you move somatically, which is where you fully experience your connections and good feelings.  You can experience the freeing up of pain, stiffness and aches as you tune further and deeper into yourself.

This type of exploration is one of our most natural acts thatt we did as babies.  As a child and if we’re lucky… you already remember to keep exploring deep into your sensory and motor realms for a comfortable life.

Re-learning to move easily and effortlessly requires a quiet internal observance done in a specific slow manner so the brain can make the necessary changes of tension back towards comfort and control.

To be more comfortable, you can learn a variety of  movements and movement combinations to free up the neck, shoulders and more.

Please join us in our Insider’s Club where all you’ll have to do is… listen, easily follow along… and notice whatever happens as  the muscles, aches and pains let go. Easy head movements like the one in the video can set you up for long term comfort you can count on.


Shoulder and Neck Pain

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You can relieve shoulder and neck pain. How? We’ll floss the joints of your neck and shoulder with simple somatics exercises.

To Free Shoulder and Neck Pain…

We’ll focus on how tight, contracted chest and abdominal muscles prevent your neck and shoulders from being pain free.

There is a yoga movement which we can somatically explore. In case you’re in a yoga class, the next time you get to this position, it will seem waaaay easier.

If you’ve never done yoga, no worries, we can lie on our side and you’ll be able to move comfortably or well within your comfortable range of motion.

Shoulder and neck painWhen people try to “stretch” unknowingly the slightest of strain can cause the muscles to re-contract and re-tighten afterwards. This can exacerbate both shoulder and neck pain if the goal is to stretch.

Using the brain’s cortex to release muscles will allow for more freedom in movement and the lessening of shoulder and neck pain.

Releasing Shoulder and Neck Pain

Since the brain loves differentiated patterns, this is how we’ll floss the joints. Moving the joints in ways we normally wouldn’t think of since we’re generally upright. And how many upright exercises have we tried?

Changing your body’s relationship to gravity is key. To unwind ourselves from held tension, contraction patterns or binds we find ourself in, we can use our brain and muscles in a very delicate manner.

That’s why we love somatics to unwind shoulder and neck pain.

Inside of us are delicate tissues so when we carefully move with awareness, the tissues get reminded of their function. The brain keeps improving as a result. The muscles will move as I’ve said waaaay better. That’s my technical term. : ).

To get there, out of shoulder and neck pain, further and faster, is to learn how to slowly move and pay close attention. It’s quite simple.

The risk in holding a contraction pattern for too long only keeps the pain and discomfort going. Simple awareness and intelligence will easily free shoulder and neck pain.

From the comfort of your own home, be free.

Register here for the Shoulder and Neck Pain class.

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