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Wall of Fame

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I didn’t exactly make the Hall of Fame, yet I managed somehow to survive the nearly 20 years of fibromyalgia (chronic pain) and make the Wall of Fame at the University of Texas.

The Wall of Fame houses the pictures of students who won various intramural sports competitions.

Little did we know we were headed for the Wall of Fame

Back in ’79, amidst the days of unrest of the Iran hostage crisis, the last 11 guys who didn’t make the soccer team formed an intramural team.

We beat our fellow University of Texas club soccer team in the semis and played against a raucous crowd of Middle Eastern students in the finals. We had to go to a penalty shoot-out to win the coveted burnt orange t-shirt.

University of Texas Wall of Fame T-shirt

Wall of Fame Then and NowThe celebration lead to my dorm room where there happened to be a very large bottle of spirits that we managed to finish off early in the morning. Somehow I made it through the 3 final exams the next day. Ah, to be young again.

My playing days got interrupted with what at the time seemed to be mysterious chronic pains. Eventually, the diagnosis of fibromyalgia gave me something to wrap my mind around during that nearly 2 decade struggle.

Fortunately I came out of it and learned very valuable lessons to pass onto others.

The University recently sent a Wall of Fame t-shirt commemorating our efforts. In a box, I discovered I had the original t-shirt we won in ’79.

Wall of Fame Moves

In those days, I was taught to stretch. It was something I never liked to do even though I would go for nearly 2 hours per day during my bouts of chronic stiffness and pain. Fibromyalgia was a 24/7 event.

Years later, I became a Hanna Somatic Educator and gave up my stretching ways and learned about the marvelous ways we can reset our muscles through the natural process of a pandiculation.

This simple reset brings our muscles to rest, lets us lose our stiffness, decreases tension and by magic, releases our physical pain.

There is really no magic about it. All it takes is 3 simple steps. Done with a gentle, easy conscious awareness. Our brain will reset muscles back to rest for comfortable movement.

Please join me either by phone or online this week as I offer some Wall of Fame moves where you’ll learn to release the inner leg muscles (groin), chest, diaphragm, and waist.

As we get older, we can move with greater ease. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle, at least this Wall of Fame individual knows it to be true and so can you.

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Let’s Face It. Can exercises for face muscles help you move easier?

A special hands on technique revealed for a looser jaw and hips to compliment easy moves to free up the back too.

A looser jaw helps if you’re a runner and exercises for face muscles may be something you haven’t considered.

Did you know that in some countries they actually target future runners by seeing who has the loosest jaw? If they only had some exercises for face muscles, maybe there would be a surge in competitors or at least, we could have freer jaws.

Somatics exercises, a different set of exercises and hands-on method for face muscles

Somatics exercises are usually the reverse of most approaches since we work with changing the brain’s output to the muscles.

By decreasing high levels of muscular tension, these special exercises for the face muscles work with 1/3 of the brain’s sensory-motor cortex.

Using the brain to change how muscles respond is naturally what we did as children through the process of what is known as a pandiculation.

Exercises for face muscles and then some more…

You can join our online class and discover how to have a more comfortable back to go along with special exercises and hands-on method for the jaw & face muscles.

Besides, you’ll learn 2 simple movements which will also help you sit more comfortably crossed-legged or in the lotus posture. And feel the one move that can instantly have you nodding out with deep relaxation.

So please join us on to find out our special hands technique – looser jaw, looser hips can set you free.

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    When you go out to do whatever physical activity you engage in and over exert yourself, what form of recuperation do you use?

    Do you use a hot tub? Do you use ice or ibuprofen to soothe your muscles?

    Laurie and myself thought we were going to play in an over 45 co-ed soccer tournament last past weekend and found out it was over 40 instead. What are you going to do at our age?

    Preparation & Recuperation

    Good thing we both practiced our somatics exercises in preparation. We also did them in between and after the games all weekend.

    This method of preparation and recuperation allows us to move more freely after engaging our bodies in an activity that is not normal in terms of our human development. All the cutting back and forth while wearing cleats is not what the natural design of the body has been used for over time.

    Wearing our joints down with this un-natural and at times risky movement activity can exact a price. We’ve watched over time how many people struggle.

    Even this weekend, we are watching how teenagers are barely making it through one game of soccer, in spite of all the training they are receiving.

    Makes you wonder how much knowledge is applied when it comes to recuperation even at this young age.

    In our age group, while others were doing some stretching, using tiger balm and downing ibuprofens… I kept a keen eye on who would make it through all the games without hearing the usual complaints of stiffness, soreness, aches, and over exertion that is very common not only in playing in adult leagues but the extra level it sometimes takes to make it through an entire weekend-warrior competition.

    With our gray hairs, we both comfortably walked away with a 3rd place trophy. We were both happy how our bodies held up in the 90°+ heat in Yakima, WA at the aptly named Sunburn Tournament.

    Our Preferred Method of Recuperation

    Our preferred method of recuperation, using somatics exercises, allows us to be able to successfully compete and not have any of the usual stiffness afterwards. We had other weekend plans in store for the drive back.

    Recuperation at Mt. RainerOn our way back, we drive through Mt. Rainer National Park.

    The fresh air felt incredibly well to breathe. It was odd that only a couple of hours before we played in the heat of eastern Washington.

    We didn’t have to traipse around at some 5400 feet, instead we comfortably ambled about enjoying the 5th National Park in the U.S.

    Nature has a way of restoring one’s health even after grinding it out on the playing field. It’s as if our recuperation was fostered by hiking in the clean mountain air full of alpine flowers and snow in August.

    The following night we headed over to our usual over 50 fun league to play a more recreational level of soccer and once again our bodies were well recuperated so that we could enjoy playing at the indoor arena.

    The indoor game is a different type of game than the outdoor version. The movements are shorter and sometime quicker on account of the ball bouncing quickly off the boards and glass. Our quick reactions and the ability to respond without being hung-up is vital.

    Laurie’s son accompanied us. He also got to play in a game. As we were leaving, all 3 of us were asked to just stay one more game, so we played with the younger 20’s somethings.

    Now in between games, I thought I was done for the evening and would enjoy one of those malt filled beverages that many people use as a form of recuperation. Little did I know that I was about to play once again.

    On our ride back, our teenager complained of being tired. Both Laurie and I heartily laughed as we compared the number of games we all had played. The old folks had him 5 to 2 (and 98 years to 15) and neither of one of us were sore, stiff, or aching as a result.

    Even Grandma knows how to wield recuperation

    I cannot rave enough about how amazing our recuperation powers are when we use the brain using the simple somatic movements.

    While it’s of great help to have a positive mind-set, it’s fun to see how the body just keeps moving well along for the ride.

    Even grandma, who missed the last step of getting off of the boat on their boating excursion to Canada, twisted her knee and asked Grandpa to show her some of those somatics exercises he diligently practices.

    Grandma, like the rest of us, found how quickly her own powers of recuperation came to the fore when she used the somatics exercises which gets the brain to release held states of contraction while improving muscular function.

    Brain based exercises like somatics take the edge off of the muscular tension, stiffness, and the stress we accumulate. Now had I only known this when I was living with fibromyalgia, I might have spared myself the many years of chronic pain.

    No matter, to move well… can happen at least at age 50 and beyond for others. I’ll let you how it goes when I get to 60.

    My hunch is… in the next decade I’ll probably learn a little more on re-balancing the nervous system and refreshing the body with somatics exercises.

    All it takes is simple, easy movements which remind the nervous system to calm things down a notch. The powers of recuperation and moving comfortably lie well within us.

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    Winter Chill Soccer Tournament

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    A kick in the grass (turf) doesn’t have to be a kick in the $ss or tight hamstrings or pulled muscles…

    Washington State Women's Soccer AssociationSomatics is coming to the…

    2011 Winter Chill Soccer Tournament
    at the Starfire Soccer Complex in Tukwila, WA on February 26th-27th.

    This 7 vs 7 event held by the Washington State Womens Soccer Association will have women competing in the open, over 30 and over 40 categories.

    For those of you attending, you can discover an entirely new way to get those muscles ready to play before, after and in between your games.

    Somatics at Veterans CupSomatics was recently seen and experienced at the U.S. Veterans Cup in Boston.

    Please keep the icy hot and tiger balm at home… you won’t need it after you learn how to move like an animal again.

    Animals naturally lengthen their muscles by pandiculating. Say what?

    They are not stretching contrary to popular belief. There doing a whole ‘nother thing which you’ll get to experience at the tournament.

    If you’re a player, coach, or physical trainer, come find out why you never need to stretch. That’s right, in fact it’s bad for you… according to the research.

    When you get your muscles ready in the ways animals do… you just might move like a healthy animal again and stop limping your way back to the car when the games are done.

    Look for the guy wearing the funny shoes.. Funny Shoes

    We’ll meet at 10am, 1pm and 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

    We’ll probably find a comfortable place to unwind indoors at the complex.

    If you’re team wants its own session, just let the guy with the funny shoes know.

    Get ready to get those hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, and inner leg muscles looser, more relaxed and in your control so you can keep on playing and playing…

    or at least make it to the end of the day… and play the next if you’re one of the lucky ones.

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