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Fit Over 50

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Staying Fit Over 50 isn’t all about hard work. Are you ready to keep on rockin’ once you hit 50? Don McGrath and myself are going to share how you can be…

Fit Over 50

You can join our Fit Over 50 live phone call for free and find out:

• How to be confidently active
• Specific techniques successful athletes use
• Ways to be injury-free

Don interviewed and wrote, “50 Athletes Over 50” and will share what he gained from that experience. He’s also the creator of the “21 Day, 7 Habits Program” which gives us the body and energy we need.

Fit Over 50
Getting out of physical pain and recovering quickly from injury is what I do as a seasoned Hanna Somatic Educator and recent gold medal winner at the Washington State Senior games. I’ll share with you specific things to do to remain agile, limber, pain-free and have the ability to move like a healthy animal any time you want.

Being Fit Over 50 is easy

To be fit, you have to have the know-how and use the tools we’re gonna share with you on this call.

We’ll give you the specific techniques that you can use to move well beyond 50 too.

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We’re going to rock the house, like 50 year olds still can.

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