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Unlock your body, reset, go

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The combination to re-set muscle tension is available right now.

Instead of feeling locked up and tight, feeling good and moving well goes hand in hand.

We don’t have to live with muscle tension as the norm.

Healthy vertebrate animals reset their muscle tension up to 50x per day. This helps to explain why they move so well. Animals are aware of internal signals that need to be reset.

They understand how to unlock muscle tension when they feel excess tightening or stress.

How often do we hit the reset button, let alone know the combination to release muscles and be free again?

Seems like people often miss the mark and instead try all forms of exercise or don’t exercise at all. Yet we remain uncomfortable with all sorts of muscular complaints and increasing muscle tightness.

Muscle tension relief made easy.

We may not realize that something so simple as a reset can pave the way to living comfortably in our body.

muscle tension relief made easyInstead of brawn or neglect, we can use our brain to un-exercise and undo pent-up muscles to a more comfortable setting.

En otras palabras, there is a combination to release the lock… and to feel stiff muscles letting go is carried out by a part of the brain which un-does things naturally for us.

When our body simply experience a new, fácil, way of moving, then the muscles are free to reorganize a little differently. A little difference is all it takes.

When our muscles are reset, we move with greater ease and less muscular restriction.

Moving with greater comfort requires us to merely stop, press on the combination… and then keep on going… until we sense the need to reset again.

Release muscle tension and be free
Awhile back, I recorded a live somatics workshop for the entire body geared towards releasing muscle tension.

We can learn a variety of ways to release the combination for the entire body by doing some easy movements that are “so too simple”.

Being mobile and free to move easily happens when the tension is unlocked.

If we use, el músculo grande, el cerebro. It can release powerful chemicals so muscles get to relax more quickly.

UN 5 part audio recording to reset muscle tension in now available.

Learn how to release muscles by doing the reset work on yourself in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll learn some hands-on ways which you can use right now as well as some simple release movements in the ways animals do it throughout the day.

Unlock the body, reset, go. Release the combination and re-set muscle tension to live a life of relief and ease.

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Somática próximo taller en línea

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sábado, 19 de de junio de

10a.m – 1pm Costa del Pacífico Hora.

La vigilancia y la celebración en sus músculos para continuar protegiéndose hay manera de vivir… y algo que está muy familiarizado con.

El uso de relajantes musculares, hielo, calor, y otros medicamentos no ha resuelto para usted tampoco.

• ¿Tiene que vivir con ella?
• ¿Tiene que seguir soportando?
• ¿Tiene que seguir ocurriendo a usted?

Vienen a unirse a nosotros para desentrañar a sí mismo de forma natural mediante el uso mismo de manera tan simple y fácil que podía y en su mente.

Más información aquí.

Yes, Es tan fácil como 1-2-3.

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