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Archive for February, 2011

“Stretching is Out…

Science now shows that stretching is

• bad for us

• a waste of time

•reduces strength

Don’t try to increase your range of motion

• can cause architectural damage

• straining muscle stays weakened

So what to do instead?

Move Like an Animal

The $5 word you probably haven’t heard of… pandiculation… aka Somatics Exercises.

Join us Saturday/Sunday, February 26/27 at 10am, 1pm, 4pm at the Starfire Complex during the Washington State Women’s Soccer Association Winter Chill Tournament.

You’ll find out what all healthy animals and even babies know.

Somatics is a systematized approach using the pandicular process that animals naturally use to reset their muscles for length, strength, mobility, agility and vitality.

By using your brain, the big muscle, you can reset all the rest of the muscles with chemicals of relaxation so the muscles are ready to be used and more functional .

Healthy vertebrate animals and babies use this process… we human adult animals are just catching on. It’s so easy any cat or dog can do it.

You’ll never, ever… have to stretch again. Somatics Exercises are so too simple.

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Unlock your body, reset, go…

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The combination to re-set muscle tension is available right now.

Instead of feeling locked up and tight, feeling good and moving well goes hand in hand.

We don’t have to live with muscle tension as the norm.

Healthy vertebrate animals reset their muscle tension up to 50x per day. This helps to explain why they move so well. Animals are aware of internal signals that need to be reset.

They understand how to unlock muscle tension when they feel excess tightening or stress.

How often do we hit the reset button, let alone know the combination to release muscles and be free again?

Seems like people often miss the mark and instead try all forms of exercise or don’t exercise at all. Yet we remain uncomfortable with all sorts of muscular complaints and increasing muscle tightness.

Muscle tension relief made easy.

We may not realize that something so simple as a reset can pave the way to living comfortably in our body.

muscle tension relief made easyInstead of brawn or neglect, we can use our brain to un-exercise and undo pent-up muscles to a more comfortable setting.

In other words, there is a combination to release the lock… and to feel stiff muscles letting go is carried out by a part of the brain which un-does things naturally for us.

When our body simply experience a new, easy, way of moving, then the muscles are free to reorganize a little differently. A little difference is all it takes.

When our muscles are reset, we move with greater ease and less muscular restriction.

Moving with greater comfort requires us to merely stop, press on the combination… and then keep on going… until we sense the need to reset again.

Release muscle tension and be free
Awhile back, I recorded a live somatics workshop for the entire body geared towards releasing muscle tension.

We can learn a variety of ways to release the combination for the entire body by doing some easy movements that are “so too simple”.

Being mobile and free to move easily happens when the tension is unlocked.

If we use, the big muscle, the brain. It can release powerful chemicals so muscles get to relax more quickly.

A 5 part audio recording to reset muscle tension in now available.

Learn how to release muscles by doing the reset work on yourself in the comfort of your own home.

You’ll learn some hands-on ways which you can use right now as well as some simple release movements in the ways animals do it throughout the day.

Unlock the body, reset, go. Release the combination and re-set muscle tension to live a life of relief and ease.

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Winter Chill Soccer Tournament

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A kick in the grass (turf) doesn’t have to be a kick in the $ss or tight hamstrings or pulled muscles…

Washington State Women's Soccer AssociationSomatics is coming to the…

2011 Winter Chill Soccer Tournament
at the Starfire Soccer Complex in Tukwila, WA on February 26th-27th.

This 7 vs 7 event held by the Washington State Womens Soccer Association will have women competing in the open, over 30 and over 40 categories.

For those of you attending, you can discover an entirely new way to get those muscles ready to play before, after and in between your games.

Somatics at Veterans CupSomatics was recently seen and experienced at the U.S. Veterans Cup in Boston.

Please keep the icy hot and tiger balm at home… you won’t need it after you learn how to move like an animal again.

Animals naturally lengthen their muscles by pandiculating. Say what?

They are not stretching contrary to popular belief. There doing a whole ‘nother thing which you’ll get to experience at the tournament.

If you’re a player, coach, or physical trainer, come find out why you never need to stretch. That’s right, in fact it’s bad for you… according to the research.

When you get your muscles ready in the ways animals do… you just might move like a healthy animal again and stop limping your way back to the car when the games are done.

Look for the guy wearing the funny shoes.. Funny Shoes

We’ll meet at 10am, 1pm and 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

We’ll probably find a comfortable place to unwind indoors at the complex.

If you’re team wants its own session, just let the guy with the funny shoes know.

Get ready to get those hamstrings, hip flexors, quads, and inner leg muscles looser, more relaxed and in your control so you can keep on playing and playing…

or at least make it to the end of the day… and play the next if you’re one of the lucky ones.

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Somatics Exercise Video

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Somatics exercises are different

Watch Thomas Hanna who created Hanna Somatic Education® teach a couple of somatics exercises to provide back relief. He coined the term, Somatics, “as the body experienced from within”.

Somatics Exercises are presently taught by Hanna Somatic Educators® to primarily relieve physical pain in our back, neck, head, shoulders, hip, legs, feet, arms and hands.

Somatics exercises are the slow, cortical alternative to exercise

Instead of just doing an exercise, somatics is carried out with our feelings and sense of movement. This is a far different approach than pushing or straining. And most anyone can do them since they are safe anatomically speaking.

To defeat pain, is to learn how to use this signal and then master it so it no longer controls us. This is easily accomplished with somatics exercises where we regain cortical control as our muscles remember to let go of holding tension patterns which often cause us the pain and discomforts we live with.

The soma in somatics

Thomas called the soma, our experience where we are neither mind nor body. We’re aware of our body’s internal actions. These actions encompass our sense perceptions and feelings where we use our individual learning process of the brain’s motor cortex to restore our self back to comfort.

Naturally, this is how we can easily live in our mind-body being.

You can experience these two somatics exercise movements and more in our longer verbally guided free training series.

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