Brain Exercise

You can use brain exercise like somatics exercises to help heal issues in the tissues such as back pain, stiffness and stress.

Somatics exercises targets the brain’s motor cortex to change tension levels so your body feels more in control and comfortable.

According to Norman Doidge author of The Brain that Changes Itself, “easy, gentle movements gives the brain and the body the health we desire”.

The ability to heal can begin when you have a conscious thought about the quality and nature of movement itself.

The intention of how you move, activates the brain’s cortex.  This type of brain exercise is where you closely observe or use your awareness to either feel or see what happens in your body as a result of following your intention to move.


Lessen stiffness and improve flexibility with brain exercise

Brain fitness is all the rage using computers or software, yet the brain software you have can be molded with easy, simple movements which affect your movement system of muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, bones and the fascia.

Using the little known process of a pandiculation, your brain can reprogram how your muscles and movement system functions. It does this by changing tension levels back to comfort.

This key is important so you can regain control using brain exercise like somatics to help you cure back pain, lessen stiffness, and improve flexibility for starters.

Stress is reduced and when you practice.  Your brain gets better so you can recover more quickly.

Often, I call this approach un-exercise, since somatics is the complete reverse to most exercise programs out there.

You see, with somatics, you are targeting the brain’s motor cortex instead of the cerebellum which is what most physical exercises focus upon.

This cortically brain based system rewires your nervous system so you can confidently sense and feel your way through a variety of movement patterns to wake-up both the brain and body.

This stems from you using your intention and paying attention to your intention of a movement pattern.

This is important.

Here’s why:  The intention to move itself is significant and is an integral part of brain exercise which will change the body.  This gives you the ability to use your intelligence and the power of your brain to feel different.


Brain exercise is the difference in brain power

Your brain thrives on novelty.  Somatics exercises uses novelty by differentiating movement patterns to challenge the brain which improves the body.

This allows the brain to regenerate itself and facilitates greater mobility, flexibility and awareness in your everyday life.

Signals of pain and pleasure can be generated from the brain.

When you live with pain, it's as if the brain has gone haywire.

So it is vital to continue to work with your brain and body to reverse course to maintain better function and return to comfort once the brain no longer is in haywire mode.

Brain power is now being harnessed in incredible and useful ways. Watch the video below as a testament to the power of the brain.


The thoughts you use are a gateway to an ability to cure back pain and heal other issues in the tissues such as stress or tension.

When you involve your self with a specific system of brain exercise, such as somatics exercises, you can relieve neuroinflammation and reverse neurodegeneration.  Thus, the issues in the tissues begin to abate and your left feeling renewed and revitalized.

With a systematic approach, you can increase your movement potential even as you age.  You can feel more comfortable with more possibilities to move and still experience natural flexibility which you easily reprogram back into your body.

Your brain is malleable and can change.

Neural plasticity and the concepts of neurogenesis are now a fact.  You can change your brain and thereby improve your well-being even in difficult circumstances.

Somatics is a bridge to regular exercise and is a form of brain exercise which incorporates both the brain and body with easy, gentle, novel movement patterns where you change the information in your sensory-motor feedback loop.

Signals in your body feedback to you.  This gives you the opportunity to reset and resolve pain and other issues in the tissues.

By rewiring your nervous system, the signals you send to the muscles and movement system help you move and feel better.  When this happens people will say they can alleviate pain by themself as all it takes is a little self know-how.


Programming with brain exercise is the most important part of all exercise

Re-programming your brain and body is fundamental to moving and living well.  All healthy animals with a spine reprogram the brain and body through the act of a pandiculation.

Mel Siff, who wrote Facts and Fallacies of Fitness said:

"Programming your central nervous system is more important than aerobics and strength training... In fact, it must never be neglected. It is the most important part of all exercise."


So for the human animal, it’s vital to include reprogramming as an important part of your daily life in order to keep you agile and in balance throughout your life.  The new exercise for a long, healthy, mobile life is brain exercise.


Ed Barrera is a Hanna Somatic Educator®, Holistic Health Advisor and author of Amazon Bestseller Move Like an Animal with over 14 years of experience, helping people find natural pain relief through somatics exercises which are the reverse to most approaches since it is a brain and body un-exercise system to muscle lengthening, relaxation and control. The brain's motor cortex is a pathway to a healthy, fully-functional body. It’s not just “alternative medicines” or "an alternative to exercise"; it’s natural pain relief that actually works!

If you're unfamiliar with the somatic definition, visit our What is Somatics? page, where we define somatic and explain more about somatics and how somatics information will help you direct your "well being" toward natural healing and pain relief.