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Mito? de formación de hielo


Icing for what purpose or mantra

Seen this or done that before?

This is something we do – in this country – if we feel pain, are sore from an injury or we over do it.

If you watch tv sports, been at a local kids soccer game, seen runners, softball players or know people who’ve had injury or experience pain.

La formación de hielo parece ser parte del juego (de vida) in the U.S and has been a big part of sports medicine.

How did this become our way?

R.I.C.E. is Nice

El arroz es sinónimo de:

• Rest

• Ice

• Compression

• Elevation

This has been a mantra on playing fields since Dr. Gabe Mirkin se acercó con esta fórmula de vuelta en 1978.

R.I.C.E. Rest is Over

Since then he has changed his tune for this earlier “misinformation”.

Rest is out.

Now there is evidence ice can even delaying healing.

Esto podría ser una sorpresa. Es más que probable mejor evitar la formación de hielo.

Pardigm Shifts of Not Using Ice or a Cold Pack

Using ice does not fix the problem other than numbing an issue in our tissues. Incluso puede hacer más daño que bien.

R.I.C.E. is Nice?

Dado que muchas personas utilizan hielo para bloquear el dolor.

Lo más probable es que no saben cómo aliviar o controlar el dolor a causa del hielo es la alternativa más barata prevalente con eficacia.

The Rest of the World

Interesting to note that most of the rest of the world does not use ice to manage injuries.

When I mention using ice to many of my foreign soccer playing friends, they simply shrug their shoulders and give me that “De Verdad” look.

Recuperación & Performance

Since ice is still the accepted method and highly popular among recreational athletes to help recover, relying on this method is at best a band-aid approach.

Icing=Band Aid Approach

There is usually little benefit derived from post exercise icing así como.

During an event, en realidad se puede adormecer a sí mismo y luego empujar a través del dolor en lugar de utilizar esta señal para empezar a cambiar las cosas. Esto puede aumentar el riesgo de lesiones.

Even performance can be altered since it is likely that icing interferes with the information highway of the nervous system.

La información puede toma más tiempo y puede cambiar la forma responden los músculos. No es una buena cosa cuando se está tratando, ya sea para hacer algún trabajo alrededor de la casa o participar en una de sus actividades favoritas.


People might think inflammation is a bad thing, yet is part of the normal restoration process.

Knee Pain

While we can have a pain in the knee for instance, ¿alguna vez has visto la rodilla de una persona se hinchan o experimentado este usted mismo?

Swelling is a normal part of the body attempting to get back to square one or homeostasis in this case.

Podríamos pensar que la inflamación es demasiado o mantiene bola de nieve, Asi que por su puesto, mucha gente va a pensar de hielo es la solución.

Ice - This is It?

Que esta pasando?

The lymphatic system helps reduce swelling.

Así que cuando vemos o sentimos lo que consideramos un exceso de hinchazón, el drenaje del sistema linfático es una especie de tapado y se encuentra en el modo de cámara lenta.

yendo hacia atrás

To use ice to speed it up is counter productive.

Thawing out of this mindset may not be easy.

So you can check out the illusion of the ice age.

Ice the Illusory Treatment Option

Lo que acelera la curación?

Dado que el sistema linfático ayuda a reducir la hinchazón, que es cuando comenzamos a contratar, tensa o movilizar el sistema de movimiento que rodea.

M.I.C.E. is Nicer - Almost

M.I.C.E stands for:

M = Mobility

I = Ice

C = Compression

E = Elevation

M.I.C.E. has replaced R.I.C.E.

Now given what we’re discovering with ice, we can drop our freezing ways.

M.I.C.E. is More Better - Except for the Icing

A conscious use of the muscles helps to push the fluid back into the cardiovascular system.

Movement System

The movement system is not just the muscles, it includes the nervous system or highway of information which can be altered.

It’s also the fascia which surrounds the muscles and is connected in a variety of patterns throughout the body.

The muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and huesos have sense receptors where we can change the output through mobility and where we can change the offending output to our muscles and movement system.

When we apply mobility in a more conscious manner, then the myth of ice can fade like the ice age.

The End of Icing

Is is time to give up the myth of icing?

Give up the Myth of Icing

Find out what to do to help injuries, pain and stiffness leave.

Click here to access Conscious Mobility

… and chuck the ice to feel warmer too!

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