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Diaphragmatic Breathing

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To get our diaphragm muscle more functional and make it easier to breathe, there are many number of diaphragmatic breathing techniques.

Whether you choose to call it deep breathing or belly breathing, paying attention to our diaphragm from time to time affords us a number of benefits.

Benefits of Diaphragmatic Breathing

• decreased heart rate
• decreased cardiac output
• reduced blood pressure

Diaphragmatic Breathing Healthy HeartPracticing diaphragmatic breathing gives us a hedge on living with a less stressed cardiovascular system.

Here’s more good news. We can enjoy this less stressed system by being attentive with our intention to use our diaphragm and it doesn’t have to be hard work.

Después de todo, we’re just setting our self up to use our cardiovascular system when we really need to turn it on.

The preparation for movement itself is vital and is the foundation to exercise more efficiently.

Practicing diaphragmatic breathing makes exercise in general much easier since it’ll require less effort on account of a more relaxed and conditioned system in the first place.

Diaphragmatic breathing is similar to an internal heart massage

A medida que envejece, the link between breathing and heart function declines. When we experience chest pains and heart palpitations, we are increasing our risk.

Is it possible that we need to remind our self of diaphragmatic breathing from time to time in this hectic, fast paced world we live in?

All it takes is easy, gentle reminders to reset our system back to neutral so we can rev it up again and again.

If we don’t slow our system down and live with an increased heart rate, increased cardiac output and lose the ability to shift to a more relaxed state, then our risk of coronary heart disease can rise.

Diaphragmatic breathing can be misinterpreted

While you can belly breath or work on abdominal breathing, when you focus more specifically on the diaphragm itself, the benefits seem to increase.

Do you still feel your diaphragm? Can you sense where it is and how it feels when it is moving?

With a little diaphragmatic breathing practice, you can feel it again and feel its full range of motion, one which may have been hampered by our outward desire to have a hard belly or has been hardened by life’s circumstances.

If we carry too much tension in the belly, pecho, and back, this too could hamper our ability of sound diaphragmatic breathing.

Pero hey, don’t hold your breath just yet.

This class for better breathing is now available online somatics exercise class where you can join us and discover how to free your belly, chest and back and keep your heart healthy simply with diaphragmatic breathing.

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