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Books on Health

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I’m hanging out with some authors in a book club and they are letting me know when they release books on health matters.

Free Books on Health LTO

If you go to this facebook page I’ll update the books on health after I review them. You have to act quickly as the free offers are time limited.

Books on HealthIf you don’t have a kindle, no worries, you can download a free kindle reader for just about any computer.

Today’s books on health is on affirmations & guided imagery.

As I began my journey out of fibromyalgia, which was solved primarily through movement, an interesting set of words began to pour out.

When I arose in the morning… the sounds of “wach-tele” spewed forth from my lips.

I had no idea why these strange sounding words kept coming up for the following months.

Each time I would say them, my body felt energized. A new sense of aliveness grew. Finally, I accepted this as my body’s mantra. It was only until later that I thought about the word “wach” a form of wachen, in German to get up or awake and tele – in Greek, to transmit from a long distance.

Was it possible that my brain/body was talking to me? Was it telling me that an awakening was taking place in my still ongoing brain fog filled days?

Did it already know I was going to come out of this miserable state of ongoing chronic pain?

Our body is incredibly wise. Even if it is wracked with the difficult wiring we are dealing with for the moment – which can be too many moments like the ones I endured for nearly 20 years.

At the time, I was still living in too much brain fog to see and understand that in fact the clouds, veils and misty brain was clearing and a healthy vibrant body was in the midst of an enduring transformation.

Books on Health – Your Own Journal

Naturally, my journal was more filled with all the bad feelings I was living with, the ones which kept coming up – but upon review later on – I was surprised at how the dialogue changed in the journey out of the fog.

While I did get to experience a good day more often than I had in the past, I didn’t know many, many more were to come. The fog was lifting and as if veils were revealing themselves, I began to notice this after the fact.

Then as another veil lifted, transformed and vanished, I would relish this new found state of clarity or was it merely the return to normal senses and feelings of wellness which I could trust would continue.

“Would it hold?” Ever the question with the countless therapies – well I did count the 66 various health care practitioners up one day – and how simple that a belief to being well with movement paved the way.

As I continued to learn how to move well, meditate, use affirmations and allow my body to have its own. “Wach-tele” was well underway before I knew it.

This past summer I won medals at the state & national level. I earned another trophy with my mates as well as the first place plaque in our competitive local summer league.

Books on Health to Check Out

And how did this happen? Well I continue to use affirmations and guided imagery to set the course. I use the belief I create. Follow that up with some mental practice and obviously have to train my muscles so they can compete. Of course, I never exercise in the normal way and this continues to amaze those around me… but that’s another story.

Please hurry and go check out today’s books on health offer.

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