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Better Breathing by Not Breathing

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There are many techniques for better breathing.

Simply paying attention to our breathing doesn’t seem like it could be of any significance or help.

Better Breathing Helps Us Relax Easy

Belly breathing or diaphragmatic breathing is quite often beneficial. Taking a few moments to breathe deeply and easily gives us a respite from life’s busy activities.

Not paying attention to how we breath is a sure-fire way to limit our self unconsciously. Why bother when we have so much else to do?

Conscious Better Breathing

Many conscious methods focus on breath work with a variety of ways to play with our breath. These pursuits are enjoyable activities to explore adding to a chest of useful tools for healthy living.

On the other hand, ejercicios somáticas are quite often the reverse of most approaches as we engage the brain and it’s bodily connections.

Through patterns of movement which are similar and slightly different, our brain thrives with new and distinct learning. Small differences gives us the ability to free our self where we would otherwise not consider and remain restricted.

Better Breathing Class

For instance, instead of focusing on better breathing, we can be better breathers by doing a simple movement which involves our diaphragm.

When we couple this pattern to the actions in our spine, ribs, shoulders and even our hips, we can actually “not breathe” and discover if better breathing results.

Join me in this week’s online class for better breathing by not breathing.

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