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Many times when people get a cramp in the calf, they’ll call it a charlie horse.

Since healthy vertebrate animals naturally pandiculate, that is to say, they can take out any charlie horse or muscular stiffness, it may be appropriate to give them their due the next time you get a butt cramp, rather a charlie donkey.

Since we’re not going to see a cheetah pull a hamstring running at 70mph, if it did, would that be a charlie cheetah?

Would pigs be offended by the cheetah… since maybe they have a claim on the charlie hammie.

When you get laid out by a back spasm? Is that a charlie elephant?

Muscle cramps can happen as the spinal cord sends a signal to the muscles to pull back quickly… and if you use the animal know of a pandiculation, you can quiet down the zoo.

What’s your animal? Who’s your charlie?

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