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Twist and Shout

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Twist and ShoutBeing able to twist the spine around is enough to make some of us shout – some in the agony of pain and the rest of us with joy.

Certainly there are yoga poses where you turn the spine and pull back counter to the twist.

As one contemplates our breath and associated feelings, some people attempt to achieve greater length by trying to get more.

Twist and Shout Another Way and Lose the SMA

In Hanna Somatic Education, we use somatics exercises to engage the brain in order to affect a change of information the muscles receive.

Somatics exercises are unlike most approaches since we go at things from a brain based perspective where we use mindful movement rather than any static holding positions.

The brain, the one big muscle, can effectively reset the resting tension levels using a more delicate approach. Much like untying a knot, gently moving our tissues unlocks held tension and stiffness.

When we push a contracted area, the targeted muscles become shorter. They pull back to the known set levels. They have lost their way to neutral or rest with high tension levels. The term we use is sensory-motor amnesia (sma).

SMA, muscular stiffness, stress and high tension patterns are temporary yet ongoing phenomenons until we change things with a simple movement update using the brain’s cortex.

You are a self adjusting living organism and you can adjust the feel and sensitivity levels of your muscles so they remember their way back to neutral when you twist yourself about.

Birthright to Move Well – Twist and Shout

When I lived in the near 2 decades of chronic pain, I knew there was a way out. What I didn’t know was how to simply update the body’s movement software.

Using the brain and adjusting with what appears to be deceptively simple movement, I could live a comfortable life and take out any kinks, stiffness, stress, tension and recover from injury quickly.

Our birthright is to move well. When we get off track, we can use that space between our ears to get things back online, running smoothly once again. We can twist and shout for joy as often as we want.

Twist and Shout Class

The ability to twist our self in one direction and then another can be enhanced through conscious movement rather than arduous exercise or holding our self in position for any length of time.

If we find ourself sitting too much in a day, we can grow our spine to greater length by doing a few simple easy movements which may seem initially challenging until our brain remembers to inform the muscles to let go.

Surely they will… and you can twist and shout about it.

This week, I’ll be offering an online somatics exercise class where all you have to do is listen and follow along. You can join me live or get the replay.

You’ll learn one amazing somatics exercise pattern to counter what our back keeps encountering… its gradual decline and shortening.

In a few minutes, you can:

• feel taller, straighter and longer
• feel the back relaxing
• and have greater mobility so movement itself is freer

C’mon and twist and shout with us.


Simple Differentiation

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When our back is a little out of whack, one of the keys to restoring comfortable movement lies in the simple differentiation of a very simple movement pattern.

Listen and follow along to this simple movement.

Somatics exercises are generally done in such a lazy, easy manner and surprisingly the rewards are better mobility, a return to natural flexibility and we feel renewed and more comfortable.

Simple differentiation to wake up both the brain and body

An easy movement such as the one in the audio recording is enough of a simple differentiation to wake-up the brain’s cerebrospinal fluid as we arise in the morning.

Healthy vertebrate animals wake-up their body and brain with simple movements which serves as their warm-up. Before we begin to exercise, we can do an easy simple differentiation or number of them varying the same theme, then we’re good to go like Fido.

If you’re in the unfortunate position of having to sit all day long for instance in the car, working and then sitting down to eat (unless of course you dare to stand up and eat for a change). No matter if you exercise, that may not be enough to change the known ill counter effects of sitting for too long.

Standing up is a simple differentiation which can help

You may have to plan on standing up every 20 minutes or so. You see, when you sit for too long, those muscles below the belt go to sleep and begin to be trained to be useless. No wonder we don’t walk as well or as much as we need since we’re basically training ourself to have muscles which no longer respond in a healthy manner.

Good news… just get up and stand, stand on one leg or walk around for a minute or so. Then you can sit back down. Even as I type a blog post such as this, I too am mindful of how sitting undermines us. This is why I often stand or kneel or sit in a different position, then change it and vary it afterwards.

If you’re gonna keep sitting, then at least fidget around or be mindful of how you can shift your spine around. All that tension we keep taking on, can be remedied with simple mindful movements to disperse, renew and refresh us.

By refreshing the spine, we can continually renew our muscles throughout the day, especially when they get amped up with too much tension. At the same time, we improve the function of the brain by taking a mind-body break or giving ourself a full-brainer of movement done with awareness.

A class on simple differentiation

After all life is movement and movement becomes easier when we can do a simple differentiation with the central part of ourself, our spine.

Renewing a simple way to move our spine, refreshes our movement system from the inside out. Practicing this periodically throughout the course of the day will let us rest easier at night so we can get a good night’s sleep and not wake up stiff or aching.

Please join me this week for a simple differentiation class which can make all the difference to having a comfortable spine for life. Refresh that spine so it can be renewed and you’ll feel regenerated. All it takes is a simple differentiation.


Back Pain Relief

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Back Pain Relief 24/7 – Better than a Hot Tub

Better than a Hot TubWhy live with back pain when we can do something by our self to get the back pain relief we need, when we need it.

Simple, easy gentle movements change the brain. By changing the brain, we can directly change the comfort levels of our back muscles which many of us have experienced with great displeasure.

The constant, gnawing, seizing signals I lived with in my 20’s and 30’s didn’t give me any moments of significant back pain relief, it was just grief.


Watch the Video Below

“Learn to live it” was the motto I heard and bought into.

Whadya gonna do about back pain relief?

Like many people I tried a number of approaches… the hot tub “was” one of my favorites.

The heating pad, those ice packets and tens units didn’t get the job done. Nor did the pain meds either.

Well, what did I know. I had no idea I could use the brain to change those discomforting signals to finally feel the back pain relief I thought I deserved while having fibromyalgia to contend with.

Those recalcitrant and tight back muscles didn’t wanna seem to budge other than remaining taught with tension.

All the lathering of tiger balm, icy hot and other gels while soothing couldn’t shake the beast of living with chronic tightness.

Heck, even the stretching routines I had learned… would not solve the riddle. But what did I know. I had no idea that stretching was compounding the problem as today’s research points the fallacy of this method. Who knew the back pain relief I truly wanted was not to come by stretching.

Back Pain Relief Class

Shifting our internal state of discomfort can be remedied when use the brain’s ability to reset the resting levels of our muscles so we can truly feel the back pain relief we think is possible.

This is well within our natural ability. It’s a matter of getting back on track through a learning process which somatics exercises are the avenue for.

A systematic approach of un-doing muscular tension and un-locking tigthness, inflexibility and the rigiidty our back muscles have accumulated shifts with simple, easy movement done with a particular kind of awareness.

To experience this simplicity, you can join us for our online back pain relief class where you’ll learn 35 movements to free up both the lower back and the upper back.

Your brain is better and more effective than a hot tub. These natural sets of tools are available 24/7 for back pain relief.

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    Exercise and pain part 4

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    Why exercise and pain don’t have to go together?

    We often activate muscles and rarely think about de-activating them unless we think or are told to stretch. Stretching, as we know it is bad for us.

    The other side of exercise and pain. Animal know-how.

    Instead, the de-activation of muscles is the other side of the coin and is what can allow us to free a painful back spasm for instance.

    Healthy vertebrate animals have this know-how to move well. Below is a video on a human animal, who at the age of 79, learned about the system of de-activation to control a back problem which plagued him since age 42.

    A woman was scheduled for back surgery. She was curious as exercise and pain was going hand in hand in her life. During the course of one afternoon, she learned how how to de-activate muscles as animals do.

    She went to Alaska on vacation and merely did 5 of these unique de-activating exercises and she traveled pain free in the car and plane for the next two weeks.

    When she came back home, she cancelled the back surgery merely from learning how a unique form exercise and pain don’t have to go together.

    Naturally, she saved herself and the healthcare system $39,000.

    It’s amazing how life can change when we get back on track so we can do what we want again.

    Exercise and pain don’t have to go hand in hand.

    As a former member of what I call the pain club… I lived with a chronic pain condition known as fibromyalgia. This affects some 5+ million Americans. The minority of the 10% who live in this painful state are men.

    Despite all our efforts, if we continue with both exercise and pain, then it ain’t working and there’s no need to push through it anymore.

    If you want to be done with exercise and pain then learn to move like an animal again. You can even try it for free. Try the other side of the coin and learn how to deactivate painful, aching, tight muscles the way nature intended.

    Get past exercise and pain.

    Animals have the know how. We’ve merely lost the fine sense of moving well like the animals we truly are. You know, the nice ones who won’t bite you… though some of them bark awfully loudly, especially if you live in pain without a resolution.

    Download some free animal moves so you can experience how exercise and pain will no longer be in the same equation.

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    Exercise for back painExercise for back pain is a natural way to help what ails our backs.

    Somatics exercise is an exercise approach where you learn how to release tight, stiff, sore muscles which may have taken us off track.

    Jonathan Hunt who played soccer professionally in England is a bud of mine. He left football, that’s soccer to us…

    on account of back pain and eventually found his way to Somatics which helped him get out of his back pain where many other approaches failed him.

    Get this, he actually discovered it moments before he was leaving from vacation. He was visiting Thailand for some r & r… He knew the plane ride would be a killer on his back.

    How many people hurt just sitting in car or being on a plane?

    He eventually became a fellow Hanna Somatic Educator himself and now can enjoy the games of his youth as he continues to play today.

    If you’re in London, you can always check him out for a hands-on session. You’ll be in good hands.

    Mail Online in the UK just posted an article in their health notes sections on Jonathan. See getting your back on track.

    The very exercise for back pain which is described in the article is one in which many somatics educators teach people to have a healthy, flexible spine.

    If you’d like an audio version, you can listen to several exercises for back pain and find out for yourself what somatics is all about.

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