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Exercises for Feet

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Can exercises for feet bring back the love?

Don’t you love your feet? As a soccer player, I’ve got no choice but to love the feet since I rely on them to create all the magical moments I get to experience.

While exercises for feet can have positive effects on the knees and hips…differentiating the movements leads to a more comfortable sense of walking… free of aches, stiffness and pain.

Do exercises for feet create lighter legs?

When we free up the feet, our knees tend to be more comfortable. When we use the brain which is what we do with somatics exercises, we are delving deep into our sensory-motor system to find out “if” we do indeed experience our self differently.

Describing our internal experiences is unique. At times, we don’t have the words to rightly describe the feelings and sensations we are aware of. Just as moving gracefully is art in motion, we can use mindful specific exercises for feet to get closer at noticing how we experience what the brain can do for us in a matter of minutes.

Using the brain for exercises for feet

Instead of the usual ways we exercise the feet, we can change how muscles respond using cortical pathways using our awareness to facilitate changes. We can feel those changes which will guide us towards more comfortable movement.

We can also self-correct using simple exercises for feet so the knees and hips don’t have to feel so heavy or restricted or leaden in some cases.

You can try a couple of somatics exercises in the video above… and you can spend a little more time exploring how quickly your brain can change the feelings of the feet, knees and legs, by getting this class on somatics exercises for feet.

Just as we did as children, if we can still reach the feet… we can love those feet with simple somatics exercises for feet.

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