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Hungry for Change

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Have you seen the movie Hungry for Change?

If you haven’t, you can order the book Hungry for Change and then you can get access to the movie and watch it on your computer or ipad.

Check out this trailer for the movie Hungry for Change.

The Hungry for Change people will not only give you online access to watch the movie.

You’ll get these goodies after you get the book, Hungry for Change:

• the audio version of the movie
• Food Matters Recipe ebook
• a Visualization mp3
• and the soundtrack from the movie
+ more.

If you’re not into dieting or you’ve tried any number of them, you might found out there’s another way to feeling good which can be way easier and tastier too!

After you order the book, to get all the goodies… which by the way, you’ve got until Saturday afternoon to do so. Then go here and get all the freebies listed above.

Get on Board with Hungry for Change

When Mom said to “eat your vegetables”. She knew what she was talking about. Thanks Mom.

Watch the movie, Hungry for Change, with your kids and lets end all the silliness about why kids are bigger and can’t move as well as we did when we were their age.

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