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Foot Work

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Did you know that a little mindful foot work could help our troubled feet and knees? I’m not talking about fancy foot work either. More like what preceded our baby steps as we developed our intelligence.

Playing with these little piggies

Remember the little piggie that went to market? Could that type of movement help us?

Do you have sensitive feet, the ones which don’t like to walk over stones or rocks. Ay! I remember those days as a kid. Now past the half-century mark, I relish how supple good foot work feels.

Foot Work for All Ages

As children we did some very interesting foot work. We loved to pull on our toes. Little did we know we were in a very receptive state of learning and coordinating the little piggies so we could get to a market with our own feet.

Pulling on feet

These days many of us simply drive to the market and keep our poor painful feet wedged in shoes all day long. Can’t imagine how life would be if we were all to wear glove liners and mittens all day. What would happen to the function of our hands if we did the same?

What are we doing to our feet? That fleet foot work we used to have is a long distance memory as we have aged and bottled up those poor lowly feet.

Now we’re left with mangled toes, foot pain, orthotics, and the search for the right kind of shoe. While shoes have certainly advanced, did our foot work remain in the dust.

Do we really need an orthotic? Maybe we could do some foot work and remember to move well once again.

Foot Work, Handiwork is it the same?

Most likely you can still fold your hands. So try this. Lie on your back, and take your hands behind your head and interlace your fingers. Then once you’ve settled in, switch the position of your fingers and hold your hands the other way.

For some of you, that’ll be no problem and then for some us that could feel strange, awkward as if someone else is holding our hands.

Our habits which we groove in over time are necessary. We may forget small differences help us use our self a little bit differently so we don’t wear our self out as fast. Slight adjustments and little differences lets the brain thrive. It thrives on subtle differences to renew us.

As we readjust to a newness, we change both our body and brain. Now try doing the same with your toes. Yes, try and fold those toes together. Whadya mean you can’t reach down there anymore?

Maybe this is where some of you are now at. Others of you really had to work it to even get the toes to wedge together.

Awhile back I made a video on some foot work. Try this move if you haven’t given it a try. For those of you who did, did you keep working it so this type of foot work is now improved and easy.


That type of footwork can come in handy to change the function of the feet and even the knees so you can walk more comfortably.

Another Foot Work Class

Many times I’ve taught foot work movements to soccer players which had them laughing about how what appears simple isn’t as easy as thought. Though with a little practice, our movement system remembers to move and improve.

We can rekindle the feelings of childlike movement which felt good and free since we have a sensory-motor feedback loop which allows us to reset and readjust tension levels.

We can get back in this loop so our balance improves, our feet feel lighter and our knees can lose their aches simply through subtle readjustments to move us to higher levels of coordination and integration so we manage those formerly painful stones and rocks.

You can join me for an hour’s worth of foot work in our online class where you can have immediate access where you’ll learn to free up the feet, lower legs and knees so you can dance and move easily again.

In the meantime, just go ahead and pull those toes so your foot work doesn’t get left behind.

Happy Feet, Happier Knees Enjoy Access Now

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