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Dr. Blaylock and Excitotoxins

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Dr. Blaylock, el autor de excitotoxinas, ha llamado la atención de la gente como Bill Maher que piensa que esto merece cierta credibilidad. Hay, por supuesto el establecimiento que va a contrarrestar lo que ellos llaman la medicina basada en la pseudo-ciencia.

Dr. Blaylock – El sabor que mata

Dr. Blaylock sostiene lo que nosotros no podemos matarnos o es un puntero a lo que nos pueden afligir en lo que comemos.

Sea o no el Dr.. Blaylock es correcta, nuestro cuerpo vivido desde dentro es nuestro propio medidor, que, si lo escuchamos, podemos prestar atención a sus sentimientos de bienestar y señales de auxilio, aunque puede ser engañado y seducido. ¿Dónde está mi chocolate!

El libro es una lectura fascinante y puede tener que comprobar las etiquetas de los alimentos un poco más de cerca.

He aquí un video de lo que el doctor. Blaylock tiene que decir:

Nuestros hijos no son un gran fan de Dr.. Blaylock

Sé que nuestros tres hijos están cansados ​​de vernos volver a poner artículos en los estantes. Nuestro lema es, si no podemos explicar razonablemente a ellos, vamos a investigar más a fondo antes de comerla. No son un gran fan de Dr.. Blaylock, sino que estábamos haciendo que mucho antes de que oímos de él.

Por supuesto, están cansados ​​de la repetición historia que, que en los prehistóricos 60 es cuando nos quedamos encantados con un radio de transistores ese tipo de trabajado. Todos sabíamos que el niño gordo y todos los sabíamos que el niño que fue exagerada.

¿Ha caminado por los pasillos de la escuela hoy? No hay sólo un niño más, esta ahí?

Me sorprende que nuestro hijo menor que se recompensa en la escuela primaria con el caramelo de todas las cosas. Con máquinas de dulces y la prevalencia de exceso de azúcar fácilmente disponibles por los maestros y todos los otros niños que tienen a la mano, hemos aprendido que somos los padres más malos en la tierra.

No tuvimos la oportunidad ni la densidad de la oportunidad de proporcionar un dulce para disfrutar porque conocemos la sobrecarga de azúcar es evidente además, no sabemos lo que está en sabores naturales.

Pero hey, comer esa materia del alimento, simplemente no verifica esas etiquetas.

Se ha deteriorado su salud, ya que se supone que de acuerdo a los anuncios en la televisión? ¿Es realmente necesario una pastilla por lo que me aflige? O es el Dr.. Blaylock y otros sobre algo?

¿Está en el suministro de alimentos?

somatics, Cuerpo con experiencia desde adentro

Thomas Hanna que acuñó el término, somatics, definido como el cuerpo vivido desde dentro. Cuanto más se presta atención a nuestra experiencia, que podemos hacer como Hipócrates pueden o no hemos dicho, podemos dejar que nuestra comida sea nuestra medicina.

es el Dr.. Blaylock cerca de la verdad o pseudo-ciencia como algunos dicen?


Stretching is even bad news Down Under

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At Victoria’s University School of Sports and Exercise Science in Australia, James Zois sees the same epidemic I’ve been raving and kindly reminding you about – stop stretching!

“Too many athletes still use the counterproductive technique of static stretching during the warm-up”

Poor Guy StretchingSome people keep on stretching and are wedded to the concept.

Look at this poor guy stretching

By attempting to stretch his hip flexor, he’s actually tightening his hamstrings, the muscles behind the leg.

He might be even contracting his back muscles to be able to get that foot to the buttocks.

Maybe he can still sit on his heels, but the point is… a stretch such as this is still done at professional levels and worse, high schools and even middle schools kids are being led down this lazy and counter-productive route.

Lazy on account of research moving on. Athletes do not need this to warm-up.

Divorce Counselor for Stretching

As a divorce counselor for stretching… you can rest easy, there are other ways to lengthen muscles and warm them up.

For instance, healthy vertebrate animals aren’t stretching either. It’s not what you think.

They consciously contract and then release themselves.

By refocusing your attention on what muscles are designed to do, that is to contract, we can reset them and ready them at the same time.

Stretching is Over

Leave it to the folks who’ll continue to argue about it saying it makes them feel good rather than understanding it’s a waste of time and we can use our intelligence to reset things rather than pulling us apart.

Even for us 50 años de edad, stretching is over.

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Fit Over 50

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Staying Fit Over 50 isn’t all about hard work. Are you ready to keep on rockin’ once you hit 50? Don McGrath and myself are going to share how you can be…

Fit Over 50

You can join our Fit Over 50 live phone call for free and find out:

• How to be confidently active
• Specific techniques successful athletes use
• Ways to be injury-free

Don interviewed and wrote, “50 Athletes Over 50” and will share what he gained from that experience. He’s also the creator of the “21 Day, 7 Habits Program” which gives us the body and energy we need.

Fit Over 50
Getting out of physical pain and recovering quickly from injury is what I do as a seasoned Hanna Somatic Educator and recent gold medal winner at the Washington State Senior games. I’ll share with you specific things to do to remain agile, limber, pain-free and have the ability to move like a healthy animal any time you want.

Being Fit Over 50 is easy

To be fit, you have to have the know-how and use the tools we’re gonna share with you on this call.

We’ll give you the specific techniques that you can use to move well beyond 50 too.

Register for the Free Call for Fit Over 50

We’re going to rock the house, like 50 year olds still can.

Registration closed.

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Still exercising and having pain Part 2

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Back to the question of ever seeing a cheetah or dog in back pain let alone ever seeing one pull a hamstring?

How does another animal tell the other one… wait, I just pulled a hammie… would you eat someone else today?

Unlike our fellow animals, we wouldn’t eat each other at a sporting event or when we merely move quickly enough to feel the pain of a muscle spasm and go down and out.

So what in the heck is it that animals know? What is their secret for not pulling a hammie?

There’s a little known animal secret that cheetahs, cats, dogs and pretty much every animal with a spine knows…

But every human intuitively understand it… even babies in the womb get it…

It’s odd how we really don’t know about it and use it to our advantage… otherwise, the statistic that some 70-85% of Americans have experienced back pain in their life is high when you consider that it happens even if you are exercising too…

Did you know… that you can un-do pain and muscle spasms with a relatively little known healthy animal secret?

There’s no mystery to transforming the root cause of physical pain and agony… you know that one of pulling a hamstring or getting taken out by a back spasm.

Once we understand there is a natural way for a human being to get back on track and be as well as any healthy animal.

Just like animals, we’ve got a similar movement software system built in… yet we don’t access it.

We have forgotten to access our movement software and update it… simply, easily and effortlessly.

Why have we forgotten?

As a human, we’ve evolved in ways where we’ve undermined our self, since we’ve basically forgotten this most natural ability…

How to move like an animal and reprogram our movement software. By doing this, muscles move comfortably.

While this might sound like a lot of work, it actually isn’t, in fact…

What’s ironic is that we had this programming down pat as babies in the womb. As adults, it’s as if we went into a sensory motor amnesia of sorts.

We’ve merely forgotten to remind our nervous system of its capacity so our brains just check out. You’ve heard the term, don’t use it, lose it.

Somewhere inside each of us, is what I call our lost movement files. Like childhood memories, youthful movement isn’t lost, it’s forgotten and the brain waits for us to access these long since forgotten ways.

Healthy animals…on the other hand practice what we think is a secret, yet this is what points a clear path away from those painful muscle spasms… the stiffness we sense… and the built up muscular tension which ties us in knots.

Check back on a future post as I’ll talk more about exercising and having pain. The healthy animal secret points the way out of pain and muscle spasms. In the meantime, you can find out for yourself how to move like a healthy animal again.

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Stretching vs.Somatics

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In order to have a healthy body, we might want to investigate a different approach to stretching in order to lengthen your muscles and remain flexible and agile.

How is Somatics different than Stretching… same goal different process.

We’ve been lead to stretch in lots of our sports activities… you know … stretch your hip flexors, the hammies, the quads, your back, etc…

What happens when you stretch a muscle…

There are receptors in your muscles called spindle cells which are sensitive to stretch. When you stretch your muscles, they send a message out to the spinal cord and back in to the muscles again. Immediately afterwards, a message is sent to re-contract the muscle. This is done quickly as a monosynaptic reflex, just like when you jar your funny bone, you’ll move quickly.

So when it come to extensión in the traditional manner, your muscles actually re-contract neurologically.

How Somatics is different?

First, you are doing the opposite of stretching. In stretching, you are trying to stretch or lengthen a certain muscle. In Somatics, you approach the muscle through a different process in order to gain length. It’s like you having a mind tool to access. The process is in your brain’s motor cortex and not in the spinal cord like stretching.

If we think of moving reflexively, I’ll call this a level 3 movement, from muscle to spinal cord and back to the muscle. As you walk, this can be considered a level 2 movement, from your brain stem to the muscles and back. This way you can do movements unconsciously and not have to learn again how to walk.

With a somatics exercise, you are moving from your motor cortex, a level 1 movement, since it is this part of the brain which can create a movement in the first place. It is the only part which can be used to change the resting levels of your muscles via your voluntary and conscious self.

Somatics is designed so you can regain control using your brain a decrease the output to the muscle which effectively lengthens it… With greater control, your movements are more efficient since you are beginning from a more relaxed position. Unless of course, you like to turn the light switch on when it is already on.

If your muscle is contracting, your brain stem is sending a message to have the output at a certain level, by sending out a message to have a number of motor units firing at whatever rate … with Somatics you are taking control of the number of motor units that are firing in order to decrease the brain’s output to the muscle so it lengthens with chemicals generated in your brain-way cool-it’s like free drugs. La buena noticia es, this pharmacy is available 24/7 and it lies between your ears.

With stretching, the information only makes it to the spinal cord and not all the way up to the pharmacy itself, namely, your brain’s motor cortex.

So here we are, same goal, yet a completely different process so that at the end of this your muscle is lengthened… the joint near the muscle is not being pulled by the muscles that attaches to it and you move with greater ease and awareness.

Whenever you want to lengthen a muscle, you’d want to voluntarily contract the muscle and slowly decrease the contraction and allow for the muscle to lengthen.

With just a few reminders to the muscle, you end up with a muscle which is lengthened and now not “ready” to contract yet start from a more relaxed position. This more mindful approach allows your brain to integrate and coordinate its actions, again it’s just a mind tool to use.

Your muscles are subject to either your voluntary or involuntary mechanisms. Again, the pharmacy acting as the voluntary control and your spinal cord just sending the message to the muscle to be ready. Would you rather be ready in a relaxed state or one in which your muscles are contracting to contract?

Somatics reduces the likelihood of injuries since extensión is now found out to actually weaken muscles since they are contracting and recontracting afterwards.

Sometimes it is hard for people to unwed themselves from the concept and practice of stretching like when people lie on their back and pull their knees in towards the chest to “stretch” the back… once again it may temporarily feel good yet you have actually set yourself up so your spinal cord will then re-contract the very muscles you stretched… maybe this is why you keep having to repeat this and hold on to yourself for any length of time.

Injuries being another matter also become exacerbated since what may have set you up in the first place is your muscles overcontracting so that when you tumble or get bumped off course and try to compensate with over firing muscles, oops you get the message with a slight mishap or two. Your result is pain, discomfort, restricted movement, etc… sound familiar… don’t reach for the ice or ibuprofen yet.

Take it to the Bank

If your body is sending messages of being more relaxed then you are less likely to fall, less likely to hurt yourself, since your muscles won’t be working against you and you’ll have an ability to sense them more… so you can readjust more quickly to get out of harms way. And if harm is done, your able to get back in the game much quicker. I am often amazed at how I keep getting older, yet recover much quicker. Yep, I’ll take this one to the bank.

Besides, these Somatic Exercises are mindful tools using your brain to effectively handle the minor mishaps we encounter. As a form of moving meditation, there are more benefits than can be derived from merely stretching.

You are engaged in a learning process whereas in stretching you are pulling and not really learning anything? As you get the “how” of Somatics, you’ll discover how your brain changes the output as you sense your bodies ability with a finer appreciation of how you coordinate your movements… and if you watch most people stretch, they aren’t really paying attention, it’s just an unconscious act of doing this or that since we were trained without really knowing why other than it’s supposed to be good for us.

Hmm, don’t belive me, try it for yourself. Then again I haven’t stretched in 8 years and I’m moving better than I ever have…and oh, the Fibromyalgia I was diagnosed with, is no longer an issue as I use my brain to produce output which has changed the very nature of the painful signals I used to generate… Now it’s a pleasure to run, kick, jump… though I do miss the need for a hotub to recover…naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah…

Got Brain, Get Fit, in an Instant… Your Mind is the Tool.

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