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Meditation through Movement Workshop

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Ears up to your shoulder lately? Head in a vice? Does the clock run out
at the end of day to take care of yourself?

Imagine yourself sitting near a quiet lake in the warm afternoon sun.

Experience Inner Calm and Feel your Pain, Tension and Stress melt away …

with Somatics… aka Pandiculation. Can you say that in public?

Forget about Stretching... Pandicualte your way to Health!

Forget about Stretching… Pandicualte your way to Health!

Increase your Awareness. Allow yourself to Relax with Ease. Quiet your Mind.

Feel for yourself, how movement can be as Effective
as stillness in this easy, moving meditative practice.

Workshop is over

sábado, May 2
1:15pm-4:15 pm

Planet Earth Yoga
418 N. 35th St.
Seattle, Washington 98103