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Kids Stuff For Adults

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Healthy adults can do kids stuff to remind our muscles how comfortable they can feel once again and again.

Pandiculation is kids stuff

Kids StuffMost of us began to pandiculate in the 7th week of our life. If we’re a healthy adult, we continue this very natural act to reset our muscles and movement system. This gives us comfortable movement.

If not, we can remind our nervous system of its former ability and bring it back to consciousness. This ability reminds us of our feelings of well-being.

The kids stuff we used to do fortunately has been systematized as somatics exercises which are gentle, easy reminders to self-adjust our muscles back to the comfort zone.

Kids stuff reboots our movement software

The systematic somatics exercises allows us to explore our internal terrain in novel ways which fosters the development of our brain’s motor cortex as well as re-eliciting our capacity in our sensory cortex to sense ourself at finer levels.

For instance, the simple act of breathing can be opened up merely by pandiculating ourself to improved health.

This type of kids stuff is relevant at all ages… and this type of kids stuff reboots our movement software towards better breathing and more comfort in our movement system.

Stiffness or stiff movements are learned over a lifetime and are replicated as a habit. Can we dissolve what seems like chronic or acute stiffness… you betcha we can. Remind ourself of the former kids stuff we used to do and we can feel the stiffness let go in our back, shoulders, and neck for example.

A healthy vertebrate animal moves with ease, grace, suppleness and in harmony since its movement system is coordinated and not bound up, down, sideways or held twisted.

Can we free ourself back to more harmonious states? Could some simple easy kids stuff be the ticket?

Paying attention to our internal state while we are moving allows us to recalibrate. Our body knows the way back to reset ourself to comfortable states. It’s simply a matter of kids stuff when you get right down to it.

In our earlier kids stuff moments we were highly engaged in a learning matter. Now, we can rekindle this relationship of movement, let go of it artfully, then we remember how we re-navigate our internal terrain towards ease in moving around.

Sometimes we can experience a flash from the past, we can bump into past difficulties and yet smooth things out. In any case, we are re-establishing a finer way to move and self-adjust our entire movement system.

The quality of a movement rather than the strength or force of a movement is what sets us free. The precision in which we can be aware of our internal arrangements is a path to greater ease and freeing up our muscles to regain mobility while restoring natural flexibility.

When we reacquaint ourself with the method or process of natural reorganization, we might keep doing this kids stuff for the rest of our comfortable life.

Kids Stuff Class for Adults

When we’re injured it might feel as if we’re beginning from scratch to move around. All the bracing, holding on and tensing may seem normal yet when we let go of our holding patterns more quickly, we reboot as we did as children.

You can join me for an online kids stuff somatics exercise class. All you have to do is listen and follow along to remind yourself of how easy, simple movements can unlock tight, stiff, holding patterns. The brain will take care of it in seconds.

You’ll get to free up the back, shoulders, neck and hips in our one hour+ kids stuff class where you can join us live or get the replay.

What can we do to improve eyesight, lessen jaw pain, and improve the neck’s ability to move comfortably even though we may be sitting at a computer for long periods of time.

Improve eyesight… free up the neck.

There are any number of eye exercises, diet considerations and things you can do for the eyes. Sometimes getting up and drinking some water is enough to take out the strain.

Sitting at a computer for longer periods of time is not a way to improve eyesight since our range of vision and motion is compromised into a smaller space. Unless of course, you are working on building shorter, more contracted eye muscles.

Simple neck mobilizations and moving the eyes just a little differently are enough to ward off hours of limited motion.

Improve eyesight in just a few minutes

Relaxing the tension from hours of using our eyes in a small space or holding our neck a certain way, takes just a few minutes. Yet how many of us are really going to spend the necessary few minutes to take care of it.

Don’t we usually wait until the jaw pain or neck immobility becomes too great before we act. Pain is a great teacher, but why wait for our body to get locked up and not be able to lessen the accumulated tension and muscular stress.

Just a few minutes of careful self awareness combined with releasing the tension as naturally as any animal will do, allows us to keep on doing the things we human animals think we need or want to do.

Healthy animals do things like yawn. Well they contract their jaw muscles so it looks like a yawn. Go ahead, give yourself a big yawn and pay attention to all the muscles in your neck your tightening up.

Somatics exercises improve eyesight

The way to let go of tension and improve eyesight is to do what animals do. Thank goodness we’ve systematized what animals do as somatics exercises.

We’ve borrowed the very same process which is done in movement, not a static hold and release for a certain period of time.

With periodic self-adjustments and self-corrections, our neck will be freer, our jaw will be looser and we can improve eyesight simply.

Why hold all the tension in place when we can consciously learn to let it go with a little simple practice of awareness and easy movement patterns.

If you want to learn more, please join me in this online exercise class to improve eyesight, free the neck and ease a tight jaw today.

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Shoulder and Neck Pain

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You can relieve shoulder and neck pain. How? We’ll floss the joints of your neck and shoulder with simple somatics exercises.

To Free Shoulder and Neck Pain…

We’ll focus on how tight, contracted chest and abdominal muscles prevent your neck and shoulders from being pain free.

There is a yoga movement which we can somatically explore. In case you’re in a yoga class, the next time you get to this position, it will seem waaaay easier.

If you’ve never done yoga, no worries, we can lie on our side and you’ll be able to move comfortably or well within your comfortable range of motion.

Shoulder and neck painWhen people try to “stretch” unknowingly the slightest of strain can cause the muscles to re-contract and re-tighten afterwards. This can exacerbate both shoulder and neck pain if the goal is to stretch.

Using the brain’s cortex to release muscles will allow for more freedom in movement and the lessening of shoulder and neck pain.

Releasing Shoulder and Neck Pain

Since the brain loves differentiated patterns, this is how we’ll floss the joints. Moving the joints in ways we normally wouldn’t think of since we’re generally upright. And how many upright exercises have we tried?

Changing your body’s relationship to gravity is key. To unwind ourselves from held tension, contraction patterns or binds we find ourself in, we can use our brain and muscles in a very delicate manner.

That’s why we love somatics to unwind shoulder and neck pain.

Inside of us are delicate tissues so when we carefully move with awareness, the tissues get reminded of their function. The brain keeps improving as a result. The muscles will move as I’ve said waaaay better. That’s my technical term. : ).

To get there, out of shoulder and neck pain, further and faster, is to learn how to slowly move and pay close attention. It’s quite simple.

The risk in holding a contraction pattern for too long only keeps the pain and discomfort going. Simple awareness and intelligence will easily free shoulder and neck pain.

From the comfort of your own home, be free.

Register here for the Shoulder and Neck Pain class.

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