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Taller vivir Somática

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Join us on Saturday, October 15th for a live somatics workshop. Join us in person live or on the webcast.

3 Hour Somatics Workshop

Somatics is defined as the body experience from within. En este taller, we’ll explore the mind, body and talk of the spirit.

Somatics Presenters

Pamela Ziemann,international book winner and author of “Giving Voice to Your Cause” will teach us how to use your voice passionately to draw people to your cause.

Daniel Webster, “La ciencia de sí mismo”, will teach us how you work, más específicamente la forma de pensar, cómo se siente y donde usted pone su foco y cómo estas partes que interactúan con el mundo que le rodea.

Ed Barrera, Hanna somática Educador, will teach us how to use the power of pandiculation so we can move like an animal again and restore our health and well-being naturally.

Look aquí.

Ready to register, look no further.

When: Saturday October 15th
Where: Bellevue, WA or live on the web.
Why: Somatics is fun.

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