Back Hope Telesummit

2 weeks of Back Hope

Discover all the many ways we can free ourself from chronic back pain.

Free Back Hope Telesummit.

Over 20+ experts will offer a number of alternatives to relieve and reduce back pain and discomforts.

For 10 consecutive days you can listen and learn about:

The Active Release Technique, the Alexander Technique, Bowen Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, the Krane Training Method, Longevity, Nutrition, Osteopathy, Orthapedic Sports Medicine, Polarity, QiGong, the Satori Method, Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises, Transformational Energy Therapy Techniques, Theta Healing, Trigger Point Therapy, Yoga and more.

The list of doctors, therapists, authors, healers and experts can be found here.

You’ll be able to use their practical information right away as you listen in on up to 2 calls per day. Each of the calls will be available for a 24 hour period.

Back Hope Telesummit Starts Soon

The Back Hope Telesummit begins on Monday April 29th. See you there.

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Edward Barrera
Edward Barrera

Hi I'm Ed Barrera, founder of Gravity Werks and Hanna Somatic Educator. I teach people how to overcome physical pain, reduce muscular stress & tension, and recover quickly from injury using safe, simple, natural tools known as somatics exercises where we use the brain to change our muscles back to comfort so we can confidently do what we want again with our body. As someone who lived in chronic pain (diagnosed with fibromyalgia) in my 20's & 30's, it's my pleasure to offer simple tools which allow us to remain pain free, be less stiff, have mobile & healthy joints and give us the ability to be comfortable as we age. Each week I offer live and recorded online (audio) classes to compliment the full online programs where people can overcome back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip, leg, arm, jaw, etc. pain. When we change our brain, we change our body so we can live pain-free and move easily at any age.

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