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Exercises for Rotator Cuff

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Rotator Cuff - Exercises for Rotator CuffPains in the shoulder, stiffness, weakness and even pain while sleeping on the side can be lessened with a simple set of exercises for rotator cuff. Over time, the situation can become chronic or if you’ve had surgery, it may be necessary to keep the shoulder functional.

The rotator cuff area allows us to both internally and externally rotate our shoulders while also letting us move the shoulder away, out and up to the side.

A Different Set of Exercises for Rotator Cuff

Normally both stretching and strengthening exercises are recommended by doctors, and orthopedists. Physical therapists will have you follow this protocol.

They may want you stretch after doing a reach up the wall or have you strengthen in between the shoulders. While the idea is good, we can go about it in a more intelligent fashion and manner so that the muscles lose their restriction and regain their function.

Instead of the heresy of stretching, we can pandiculate the tight, restrictive areas so those areas regain both both function and remain limber.

Somatics exercises for rotator cuff, on the other hand, use the process of pandiculation to regain mobility and give us back our function so that we can comfortably move the shoulder area back and forth and up and out to the side in this case.

A Diversity of Exercises for Rotator Cuff

With a number of stretches and strengthening exercises for rotator cuff, you learn to hold things for a period of time or do numbers of repetitions.

With somatics, we target the brain’s motor cortex. It can reset the muscles so they “remember” their function. This higher level of intelligence doesn’t require the physical strain that most people endure, instead we use our awareness of the quality of the movement. We can sense the connections we use when we move our shoulders about. This gives us a better range.

Exercises target muscles where intelligent movement takes care of the movement system which includes more muscles since we are of one piece. One integrated movement system, rather than the parts, which allows for greater cohesion and more effortless movement in general.

This gentler yet highly intelligent approach, gives us the ability to create more options to move despite the very ones we’ve guarded against or haven’t done on account of the binds holding things together.

Exercises for Rotator Cuff Class

A diversity of movement lets the brain thrive too. By going cortical, the brain creates more cells, it releases chemicals of relaxation, and we restore and recover naturally rather than forcing, straining or pushing our way through it.

“Being” with our movement system is another tack or way to move more comfortably about. To be free and regain our strength is simple.

You can join us in this week’s somatics class: Diversify Your Movement Portfolio – Exercises for Rotator Cuff. You may join us either online, by phone or get the replay.

In the little over an hour class, you’ll learn a number of different ways and movement patterns to experience how simple somatics is and yet how much power you can have.

The diversity found in the exercises for rotator cuff class will give you plenty of intelligent ammo to keep the shoulders and more, happy for life.


Exercises for shoulder pain

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The reverse of exercises for shoulder pain

You ever ache, feel stiff, or sense pain in the shoulder; exercises for shoulder pain oughta get us of out it.

If regular exercises aren’t doing the trick, then maybe it’s time for another approach where you use the brain & body to reset muscular tension levels and go at the problem more globally by changing signals in your nervous system.

Somatics exercises for shoulder pain

Somatics exercises are different than regular exercise since the focus is on learning how to let go of excess tension in the shoulder for instance, which binds us. You can target a specific part of the brain, which’ll reset tension levels, so the shoulders and the rest of your body will move more comfortably.

The move below is one of many somatics exercises for shoulder pain and upper body issues in the tissues.

Was that an easy move or did you have a little sma – sensory/motor amnesia?

No worries, you won’t die with sma but you may keep your compensations and struggle with pain, discomfort or unease in your shoulder area.

Simple, easy movements like this may seem too simple, yet when we use a specific intention to move and notice our adjustments out of a pattern, our muscles learn to become more relaxed.

Exercises for shoulder pain online class

Learning to reset muscles with the brain & conscious attention is a fun, easy way to rid tension and stress out of our body.

Not only do we get the brain to wake-up the nervous system and change painful signals into more pleasure, our muscles become more in our control and easier to use. Your body will thank you when the tension in the tissues let go.

Please join me for a one hour exploration of somatics exercises for shoulder pain class.

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