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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

    [op_question question="What%20kinds%20of%20pain%2C%20stiffness%20or%20injuries%20does%20this%20help%3F"]There%20are%20any%20number%20of%20pain%20types%20where%20either%20the%20structure%20is%20part%20of%20the%20problem%20or%20the%20brain%20has%20gone%20haywire--or%20both%20producing%20painful%20sensations.%0A%0AOur%20approach%20addresses%20both.%0A%0AFor%20general%20stiffness%2C%20aches%20and%20injuries%2C%20this%20will%20help%20ease%20tension%20levels%2C%20reduce%20the%20stress%20and%20help%20you%20heal%20more%20quickly.[/op_question] [op_question question="How%20long%20does%20it%20take%20to%20feel%20or%20notice%20a%20difference%3F"]The%20brain%20can%20immediately%20change%20where%20you%20may%20be%20able%20to%20feel%20how%20the%20nervous%20system%20can%20quickly%20shift%20to%20a%20more%20relaxed%20place%20of%20comfortable%20feelings.%0A%0AThe%20rest%20is%20then%20to%20re-target%20the%20brain%20to%20keep%20up%20its%20ability%20to%20shift%20in%20order%20to%20rebuild%20a%20foundation%20to%20go%20back%20to%20comfort%20more%20readily%20and%20easily.%0A%0AIn%20minutes%20to%20less%20than%20an%20hour%2C%20you%20can%20feel%20the%20difference.[/op_question] [op_question question="Is%20this%20like%20physical%20therapy%20or%20stretching%3F"]This%20is%20a%20complete%20reverse%20to%20physical%20therapy%20(and%20stretching)%20since%20we%20are%20targeting%20a%20specific%20part%20of%20the%20brain%20to%20communicate%20with%20your%20muscles%20and%20movement%20system.%0A%0AYou%20learn%20how%20to%20feel%20certain%20internal%20connections%20so%20the%20brain%20can%20relax%20the%20muscles%20while%20at%20the%20same%20improving%20their%20ability%2C%20i.e.%20range%20of%20motion%2C%20flexibility%2C%20strength%20and%20overall%20coordination%20throughout%20the%20entire%20body.[/op_question] [op_question question="How%20does%20this%20compare%20to%20massage%3F"]Like%20a%20massage%2C%20many%20people%20will%20feel%20surprisingly%20more%20relaxed%20and%20comfortable%20even%20though%20you%20are%20lazily%20active%20rather%20than%20passive%20in%20a%20massage.%0A%0AThis%20way%20you%20regain%20control%20of%20the%20brain%20to%20help%20the%20nervous%20system%20shift%20yourself%20back%20to%20comfort%20quickly.[/op_question]


You have to go through it to understand what it does for you.

I am learning more about my body and my muscles.

Unlike massage, which is wonderful.  This actually gets my body to change and my brain to understands the process and I end up with less tension, more relaxation and greater flexibility.

It’s very gentle and you can see and feel the difference.



Debbie Elliot

My doctor wanted to give me pain pills for an accident at work.  Instead I did the little movements and the Pain is Gone.  This really works!

Debbie Elliot, Home Health Care Nurse, Gig Harbor
David Deshler

I suffered with back spasms for years.  Now all gone and I know what to do if it ever comes up again.

David Deshler, Retired Professor, Port Orchard
Jeanne Colby

I really feel good and relaxed.  I feel a lot different!

Jeanne Colby, Business Owner, Seattle

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Ed Barrera is a Hanna Somatic Educator®, H.S.E. & Holistic Health Advisor, H.H.A.  

Ed is the author of Move Like an Animal:  Feel Comfortable, Move Well for Life in 3 Simple Steps, Amazon Bestseller in Pain Management & Aging.

His latest book is available.  The 1 Thing to Do to Relieve Pain, Stiffness, Tension and Stress (When You've Tried Everything Else).

Ed lived with chronic pain and fibromyalgia in his 20's & 30's, so he appreciates the long road out and can help you shortcut your way back to feeling comfortable for life.

Ed has over 15 years of experience, helping people find natural pain relief through hands-on body work and somatics exercises which are the complete reverse to most approaches.

Essentially it's motor control exercises (MCE), mindful-based stress reduction (MBSR) and progressive relaxation all rolled into one which now the American College of Physicians (ACP) are saying is "the first thing to do relieve pain is with non drug therapy, including motor-control exercise, etc".

We use conscious gentle body movements that targets the brain’s motor cortex to reset the nervous system back to comfort and along the way you get into deeper states of relaxation.

This leads to a healthy, fully-functional body. 

Muscle range of motion, recovery, relaxation and control are restored by this "alternative to exercise” approach; plus it's natural pain relief that actually works!

Learn more about this word - pandiculation - and how this is central in changing the brain and body to help you direct your "well being” toward natural healing and pain relief.

See What is Somatics?, where we define somatics and how you can experience yourself.