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Eliminate/reduce pain naturally

To eliminate and reduce pain naturally has often been thought of as a lot of work.

Using the powers of your brain with just the right brain exercise through a simple set of movements…  can change how comfortably your muscles feel and move quite easily.

Pain is a signal, like many in your body… and when “It” happens, you know “It”.

To reduce pain naturally… nature has already set it up for us.

How you describe “It” and feel “It” is your own perception.

When you feel “It”, you’re feeling your muscles stressing or being stiff. Even the sensors of your fascia which far outnumber your muscles, can feel that nasty “It”.

The fascia is the covering of your muscles. We are either feeling sensations of our muscles or the ones in our fascial covering of the muscles.

Yet, when we’re cramping or having a muscle spasm, we know how pain full “It” can be and we might think of ways to reduce pain naturally but often times we’re at a loss.

The constant soreness, aches and strains may be something that we continue to live with… yet we don’t have to live with “It” anymore.

Healthy animals reduce pain naturally.

In the animal world… healthy vertebrate animals have to be able to move in comfort. It’s amazing how they can be in balance, agile and vital throughout their lives.

reduce pain naturallyObviously they must have a way to deal with muscular pain or do we think they don’t have any feelings.

We feel as they do with our muscles and fascia.

Your fascia is like the connecting network of the muscles… yet animals remind themselves how to move by reprogramming their muscles .

These connections get updated everyday and often throughout the course of a day.

By doing so systematically, their self-corrections reduce pain naturally.

All you have to do is follow their lead and move your way back to health.

While we know that exercise is important, we can lead ourself down a longer path of recovery if our movement habits and compensatory patterns of moving or merely sitting, are getting in our way and reinforcing the bad signals which keep showing up.

While exercise can promote the happy chemicals of feeling well, your brain is a powerhouse which can create the chemicals of relaxation by moving with your awareness and reduce pain naturally.

You learned to move in your mother’s womb and used the very same process way back when. You used it as a child and if you’re lucky, you still continue to use it as an adult. Healthy adult animals continue to reset their muscles so they can move as gracefully as possible as they age.

Does age got you? Or are you still playing with “It”?

It doesn’t have to be this way, in fact, we know that our brains can generate new cells and the process that animals use to self-correct is the one you can use to reset your muscles.

Reduce pain naturally by resetting the brain to reset the muscles.

Resetting the rate your muscles are contracting at… is reset in your brain’s motor cortex. The same cortex you can use to unleash powerful chemicals of relaxation to reprogram how your muscles feel.

The feedback loop of your sensory-motor cortex is a highway which connects to your muscles.

That connection serves to send the information out and back from your brain to the muscles.

You can literally change the output to your muscles affecting how they feel since you’re reprogramming the levels at which muscles hold themselves at…

The pains we feel, the “It” that’s got us… can be changed just like healthy animals do… when they self-correct naturally, easily and effortlessly.

Fortunately, we’ve systematized an approach through a series of unique, gentle movement patterns… so you can handle “It” and reduce pain naturally… and more quickly than ever before.


Ed Barrera is a Hanna Somatic Educator® with over 10 years of experience, helping people find natural pain relief through somatics exercises which are the reverse to most approaches since it is brain exercise and muscle lengthening that targets the brain’s motor cortex which leads to a healthy, fully-functional body. It’s not just “alternative medicines” or “an alternative to exercise”; it’s natural pain relief that actually works!

To understand the somatic definition, visit our What is Somatics? page, where we define somatic and explain more about somatics and how the proper somatics information will help you direct your “being” toward natural healing and pain relief.