An exercise workout plan helps us get results quicker. A faster way may be to use a unique un-exercise plan instead.

Exercise feels better when we’re more comfortable in the first place.

A daily exercise workout plan

Before we think about exercising, we ought to consider what sets us up for comfortable exercise in the first place.

When we get up, we are naturally stiffer since our muscles shorten overnight.

Oh what to do? Normally we think we need to stretch though I venture to say there may be a better exercise workout plan you haven’t considered.

Instead of traditional stretching, contrary to popular belief and the crossed-eyes glazes I get–it is simply unnecessary when you focus on what it takes to do comfortable movement.

Simple, easy movements to articulate our joints primes the muscles for our larger movements throughout the day. After all, you won’t see Fido stretching nor hitting the weights in his exercise workout plan.

Instead, Fido reprograms the muscles first through active movement rather than the traditional stretching ways we’ve been led to belieive.

The most important exercise workout plan

According to Mel Siff, who wrote the book, “Facts and Fallacies of Fitness“… the most important exercise is reprogramming the central nervous system. He considered this to be more important than strength training and aerobics.

This makes obvious sense from a neurophysiological viewpoint. The brain, which can reset our muscles, needs an ongoing updating of its movement software.

We can take out any stiffness, tension and stress which adds up during the day.

This is why healthy animals with a spine naturally reset themselves periodically throughout the day.

When we naturally reprogram our muscles, they are left more functional & relaxed. They are ready to be used since they’ve been given the cue to let go of any residual holding tension.

Muscles which are less tense, move far easier than the ones which keep us bound up. If we’re throwing our parts around like a hobbling zombie, that’s waaay more work than is necessary.

Our brain’s cortex can do the job to reset the muscles. This is why we can use the un-exercise approach of somatics exercises anytime to feel better.

Exercise workout plan class

One of the delightful sets of somatics exercises are called the cat stretch or daily maintenance routine.

This exercise workout plan sets the body up for comfortable movement for the day.

This week, I’ll be teaching a unique and slightly different version of that particular exercise workout plan.

By modifying certain elements, the very exercise routine we accustom our self to, becomes enhanced. In other words, conscious fiddling around pays dividends.

Please join our somatics exercise online class where you’ll hear how someone immediately felt a lot fewer aches and pains with this un-exercise exercise workout plan.

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    Edward Barrera
    Edward Barrera

    Hi I'm Ed Barrera, founder of Gravity Werks and Hanna Somatic Educator. I teach people how to overcome physical pain, reduce muscular stress & tension, and recover quickly from injury using safe, simple, natural tools known as somatics exercises where we use the brain to change our muscles back to comfort so we can confidently do what we want again with our body. As someone who lived in chronic pain (diagnosed with fibromyalgia) in my 20's & 30's, it's my pleasure to offer simple tools which allow us to remain pain free, be less stiff, have mobile & healthy joints and give us the ability to be comfortable as we age. Each week I offer live and recorded online (audio) classes to compliment the full online programs where people can overcome back, neck, shoulder, knee, hip, leg, arm, jaw, etc. pain. When we change our brain, we change our body so we can live pain-free and move easily at any age.

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