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Personal Online 1-1 Sessions

Get personal coaching in the comfort of your own home or while away on the road.

All you need is a smart Phone, Tablet or Computer.


Tailor Made - Just for You - The Gravity Werks Program

Discover how you can be comfortable, relaxed and confidently return to the activities you want to do.

Tailor made program to suit your personal needs and circumstances.

This is our flagship coaching program to help you get rid of pain, tension, and stress to help heal and recover more quickly with access to a full suite of tools and coaching.

The Classroom - Our Most Popular Online Coaching Program

The Classroom is our general movement coaching program to feel good and resolve aches, pain, stiffness, speed recovery, improve general fitness and discover deep relaxation.

Include live online (and recorded) meetings where we meet for further in-depth coaching and Q & A to make sure you get it right.


Our Basic Training - The 3 Simple Steps Training

This is a great starter program.  Discover the 3 simple steps to feel good for life.

You get:

2 Videos and 2 Audios for the Back, which includes the Most Common Muscle Spasm.

Plus, a special audio for the Neck and Shoulders.

Move Like an Animal

1st Book: Feel Comfortable, Be Flexible, Move Well for Life in 3 Simple Steps.

Available for Instant Download on any device.

Now available in paper back too!


The 1 Thing to Do to Relieve Pain, Stiffness, Tension & Stress

Latest and 2nd book (When You've Tried Everything Else).

Includes 2 Hour Free Video Training.

Now available!


7 - 7 minute Video Series

Find Quick Relief in 7 minutes.  Watch, lie down and find out how quickly your brain can change your body.

7 Videos.

Ed Barrera is a Hanna Somatic Educator® with over 20 years of experience, helping people find natural pain relief through Somatics Exercises.  These gentle movements are the reverse to most approaches.  It is a combination of Motor Control Exercises (MCE), Mindful-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) and Progressive Relaxation all rolled into one which are now endorsed by the American College of Physicians as "the first thing to do" to relieve pain.

So most doctors will agree that Somatics Exercises® are both gentle and beneficial for your well-being especially when working with a professionally trained practitioner.

Muscle lengthening, recovery, relaxation and control are restored by this "alternative to exercise” approach; plus it's natural pain relief that actually works!

If you're unfamiliar with the somatic definition, see What is Somatics?, where we define somatics and explain more how this information will help you direct your well “being” toward natural healing and pain relief.