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Recover from injury quickly

Struggling to recover from injury quickly?

Have you melted enough ice on your skin already?  Are the sheets wet enough?

Have you been trying to work it out… run, stretch, walk, lift weights?

To recover from injury quickly…

Nature has an easier and simpler way to recover from injury quickly. You see, healthy vertebrate animals have to be able to use their muscles wisely, otherwise they’re a goner.
We can keep hobbling, wincing, and using braces to either protect our self or guard our movements in case we tweak it.

Is this how we really want to live? Always having to put a brace on… or feeling like a brace is always on us.

Tired of icing, heating pads, the balms and epsom salt baths which really haven’t solved our deal to recover from injury quickly.

If those measures aren’t working, then to recover from injury quickly is a problem which could linger on for longer than we care.

Feeling restricted muscles and restricting our movements are a hard way to go about it.

It’s even harder when we push or strain our way back to recovery. How are the muscles going to recover from injury quickly?

Things like stretching actually work against us and prevent us to recover from injury in the first place.

Chance are, our bodies compensate around the injury and maybe, just maybe, we already had a compensation like an elevated or rotated hip which led us to the injury more quickly.

To recover from injury quickly is to decompensate.

How are we going to decompensate how our muscles are substituting as we recover?

How do our muscles re-adapt to this new pattern and does it prevent us to recover from injury quickly?

Making our compensating muscles stronger is an approach which can require a gut check to go through as many people have done it that way. What if there’s an easier way to recover from injury quickly and confidently?

Instead of using brawn, you can actually use the one big muscle… your brain to recover from injury quickly.

Your brain can actually reset the resting levels or the rate of contraction to your muscles if you target it with specificity and awareness.

We’re taught to strengthen opposing muscle groups when certain muscles no longer do their job or have checked out. “I gotta get stronger” instead of focusing on how to recover from injury quickly.

Recovering the function of the muscle and how the muscle relates to the rest of the muscles as you move your entire lets you recover from injury quickly.

Do we want to move from a state of contraction and protection or from a place where your muscles are relaxed and ready to go?

When you move, you don’t move as a muscle, it’s more like a symphony or a band of muscles. If we don’t recover from injury quickly, what kind of music are we playing right now?

If we are going to recover from injury quickly wouldn’t we rather have the band or orchestra join in to collaborate with us and really make some good music instead of the strained actions that we can experience just as easily.

Maybe we’re trying to walk it off and recover from injury quickly. Just keep walking…

For us to recover from injury quickly…

You know that walking can work… unless we’re not substituting and compensating, otherwise we keep walking as best as we can.

What if we could reprogram the muscles we need before we go on a walk? Maybe the muscles could recover from injury quickly so the set-up to walking is far easier.

Wouldn’t that make sense to first set up the muscles we’re going to need to walk rather than just walking it off and continuing hobbling?

Animals reprogram their muscles so they can flee when they need to and obviously be able to have the requisite strength, agility and balance to get what they need by having healthy movement.

Imagine what it would be like if we’re being pursued and we pulled a hammie (hamstring – the muscle behind your leg). If we couldn’t prevent or recover from injury quickly we’d be another goner.

We play with a bunch of people who every week say they need to get in shape, bobble around, wear braces, and walk with obvious compensating patterns.

Lots of brave people are out there ready to face and endure danger or pain… and maybe we’re doing that right now instead of being able to recover from injury quickly.

Are our efforts paying off? If they are, go on with your bad-#!s self. You’re gonna make it and you know how to recover from injury quickly.

BUT… if you’re tired of it and know there’s got to be an easier way to recover from injury quickly. Fortunately there’s a system to benefit from right now.

Hanna Somatic Education® uses a little known animal process which allows us to recover from injury quickly, easily and without all the ice and heat we think we need.

HSE® relies on a systematic set of unique Un-Exercises known as Somatics designed to help us recover from injury quickly.

Instead of using force, strain, pushing, and striving to get you where you want to be… HSE® uses the natural process of how healthy animals reprogram their muscles.

To recover from injury quickly is to reprogram our muscles as nature intends.

You can ready the muscles for use while at the same releasing chemicals which relaxes them. This is what makes Somatics different than other exercises out there.

This is why Un-exercise is the answer to recover from injury quickly and safely.

Rather than using force, your brain creates the necessary chemicals of relaxation while you improve the function not just of a muscle, a whole chain of muscles which move more effectively to recover from injury quickly and easily.

Changing how we move comfortably so we recover from injury quickly takes place in coordinated movement rather than isolation. To recover from injury quickly as animals do without holding their muscles for any set length of time or forcing their tissues to get more range of motion is what we can borrow from their experience.

They do what is called a pandiculation which is an entire act of contracting, releasing and resetting the brain.

We can use this easy and mindful approach to reset how our bracing muscles are working.  To recover from injury quickly is to lose to the bracing.

When we brace, there is a message which keeps those muscles held in an ongoing constant state of contraction. So no matter how hard we push or lift or strive, they’re not going to let go and let us recover from injury quickly.

Your muscles let go when you use your brain to intend a movement and release it with your awareness. This isn’t at first obvious since we’ve been programmed to try, strain and gain.

To recover from injury quickly, a gentle systematic approach where you use the power of your brain to make the necessary changes allows the muscles to recover.

Your brain can reset the resting levels of those bracing muscles so you can move more readily… just like animals do when they injure themselves. How do they recover from injury quickly?

I actually saw a squirrel fall out of tree… land on its head… and work with itself for about 45 minutes. Then it just walked into the woods as if nothing happened… Now that is the way to recover from injury quickly.

Recover from injury quicklyI didn’t know what I was watching at the time. All the creature was doing was moving itself in novel ways to recover from injury quickly. The movements seemed to make sense as I watched.

The squirrel did some easy moves with its neck and shoulders, waited, did it some more, waited and so on for a period of time.

Then it gave itself a nice elongation movement and walked triumphantly back into the woods since it could recover from the injury quickly.

Animals have this know how to recover from injury quickly. What would you do if you fell out of a tree? Try and get up… or would it make sense to lie there, check in and then move easily at first before the recovery process begins.

Do you think you could take out the strain of the fall? Those strained muscles need to be reminded of their function as quickly as possible since when we injure ourselves, muscles contract and pull back.

If you knew how to use the natural process that animals use, you could do so to recover from injury quickly and save you yourself a lot of ice in the meantime.

Un-exercise your way out of injury with nature’s approach that’s been systematized as Somatics.

Or check with our fellow animals, they already have the answer to recover from injury quickly.


Ed Barrera is a Hanna Somatic Educator® with over 10 years of experience, helping people find natural pain relief through somatics exercises which are the reverse to most approaches since it is brain exercise and muscle lengthening that targets the brain’s motor cortex which leads to a healthy, fully-functional body. It’s not just “alternative medicines” or “an alternative to exercise”; it’s natural pain relief that actually works!

To understand the somatic definition, visit our What is Somatics? page, where we define somatic and explain more about somatics and how the proper somatics information will help you direct your “being” toward natural healing and pain relief.