End Pain & Stiffness and More

Would you like to…

  1. Feel how stiff muscles will actually let go of tightness immediately.
  2. Lose pain quickly.
  3. Lessen chronic tension and holding patterns.

It’s simple… You can Un-Exericse out of pain and stiffness in 3 simple steps.

That’s right, if we use the part of the brain that inhibits unwanted muscles from overworking…we can reset how the brain sends the message to the muscles to contract…

… and more importantly, how to let go and reset back down to neutral.

When we can get back to neutral, our muscles can relax, otherwise the brain keeps sending the message to keep the muscles contracted… and those stiff muscles won’t let go.

Reverse the message to the muscles and they’ll remember how to let go.

All it takes is 3 Simple & Easy Steps to… loosen stiff, painful muscles.

Whether you take a live class, live webinar or purchase a recorded workshop…

You’ll get:

• the self-help tools to unbind stiffness…

• how to speed up recovery from current or past injuries…

• how to let go of guarding muscles when we move…

• and what to do, in case it ever happens again.

How about trying a Somatics Workshop at home for yourself…

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The practice of Somatics helps you lose the pain and stiffness…

with the simple act of a pandiculation. The “P” word.

The brain is already set up to use this little known process.

It’s the very process we all used in our mother’s womb to learn how to move.

When you engage the “P” word, you instantly lengthen your muscles by changing signals in your brain with your control. Using simple, natural movements, the brain releases chemicals which gives the sense of relaxation.

Relaxed muscles move more easily and with greater comfort.

If we live in a body which compensates or guards itself, we can change those holding patterns and free ourself to move as easily as we once did.

“In fact, it’s easy as 1-2-3.”

There’s no trick to it… using our awareness and learning how to use the process of pandiculation…we can pandiculate ourself back to health and enjoy all the wonderful activities you’re presently engaged in or want to do once again.

You’ll move so simply and gently, that it could boggle your mind how easy this is to do.

Freedom-from-Neck- Shoulder-and-Arm-Stiffness-and-Pain-with-Somatics-Exercises
Hanna Somatics is used to treat many musculoskeletal conditions such as back, neck, hip, knee and shoulder pain, as well as more generalized conditions such as stress using specific sequences of gentle movement patterns.

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3 Simple Steps to Relieve Pain and Stiffness.

A central feature of Somatics is to cortically reset the brain through deliberate, conscious movements of the body.

In three very easy steps, the brain resets the muscles so they can rest again.

These somatic exercises are specifically designed to enhance awareness within our body which gives more control and an easier sense of our self.

As a result, moving with greater ease, balance, comfort… is a memory pattern which can readily re-established to remain comfortable for the rest of our life.

Somatics is what sets up movement in the first place and can be used to improve:

• how well we walk

• take our yoga practice to the next level

• improve our athletic abilities in a much easier way

• make pilates feel easier and effortless

• and free our muscles to improve even activities like weightlifting.

Stop being bound up… stiff… and causing injury to happen again and again…

unless you like being … in over your head… at 50, it oughta be easy.

Here’s a comment from a recent workshop:

“Hi Ed,

I am another of your success stories–after the class on June 28th. On July 2nd I was on a plane to Alaska, and a 12 day whirlwind trip around Anchorage and the Kenai Penninsula by car.

I was pain free and full of energy–while I kept doing my 3 favorite back movements!

I called the neurosurgeon and canceled a scheduled back surgery on my return home!

At my last two chiropractic appointments, no adjustment was needed!

Thank for your help.

-Marilu, Everett, WA

Are you ready to take a Somatics Workshop at home… you’re moments away and you can…

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