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Pandiculate Stiffness AwayPain Awayand Feel Comfortable for Life

Welcome to where the journey begins for Conscious Pandiculators.

Hi, my name is Edward Barrera, Hanna Somatic Educator, and I've had the pleasure to teach hundreds of movement classes and thousands of people, the finer art of pandiculation with what is called somatics exercises.

These types of exercises are the "complete reverse" to most approaches since you will learn how to zero in on the part of the brain which can quickly reverse muscular stiffness and change the brain so it no longer goes haywire if you happen to live with pain.

Using our proven 3 Step Method, you will discover how easy, gentle, movement patterns done with a certain level of awareness can take you down the rabbit hole of conscious pandiculation where you can feel childlike feelings of freedom & control.

  • Regain Natural Flexibility.
  • Maintain Comfortable Mobility for Easier Overall Movement.
  • Regain Control to Maintain Life Long Comfort.
  • Restore Balance.
  • Sleep Better.

Movement Classes

Start with Where You Are At

Our movement classes are designed for beginners and for those of you who are already familiar with the approach and want to go down the rabbit hole of somatics even further.

Somatics is defined as the "body experienced from within".

While our focus is on movement, we also delve into the mind-body connection as well as how you can super fuel your body to keep it healthy as possible.

This way, you can get a "Richer Somatics Experience".

See, when I was wracked with chronic pain in my 20's and 30's & earned the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia, "they" told me it was incurable at that time.

My how things have changed as science has evolved to show how we can rewire our brain and change pain.

Getting older can be easier when the brain and body is working for you.

Now I am enjoying the success of being a Senior State and U.S. National Champion in what is called the "beautiful game" of soccer.

Since I continue to compete - and take on the bodily assaults and rigors of competition - I've come to appreciate that it is our birthright to move well for life & recover with ease when we engage in the very same natural act every male and female animal with a spine does to maintain comfort by preparing itself to move successfully.

As well as having an internal understanding of "how to take out the kinks", you will have the tools and a systematic approach to help yourself with my professional guidance.

  • Learn How to Focus Deeper Internally to Feel More Connected.
  • Set up Agility and Quick Cat-LIke Reflexes.
  • Ward Off Neurophysiological Degeneration so You'll Stay Fit & Happy.
  • Have the Tools to Recover & Heal Quickly and Know-How to Help Yourself and Others.

Priming the Brain & Body

The Gravity Werks Insiders Club is Now
the Somatics Un-Exercises Classroom

See, we have this "innate intelligence" we can tap into to prime the brain.

The upside of changing the brain allows you to feel more comfortable, lose tension and melt stress away.

And you'll know firsthand what to do in case pain gets in the way.

Plus, this organic intelligent way of learning how to enhance the brain and body can be fun, mentally challenging (which will boost the brain) and helps set up the fundamentals of keeping you in great shape.

The Somatics Un-Exercises Classroom was created after years of movement classes I recorded to help people with all sorts of pain types, conditions and circumstances - and for those who want to keep on doing the types of physical activities you enjoy!

Much like going to any live movement or exercise class, you will be able to meet with me live every month where I can answer any of your questions and share with you my many years of experience.

So you'll have full access to me as your personal coach, just in case we've got to modify things just for you or help you get out of a jam.

Our classes are leisurely paced so you can feel how powerful your brain is to create deep states of relaxation while at the same time conditioning your movement system.

Move Well,


You can watch the video below by pressing the play button.

Formerly  The Gravity Werks Insiders Club

Now the Somatics Un-Exercises Classroom
for Conscious Pandiculators

Pandiculate to Great Shape

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What I like about your approach is the pacing AND the way you gently direct us to consider the involvement of specific parts of the body performing the movements. You've helped me deepen my understanding of movement.

I love that you guide me to things in my body that I might not notice myself.

SO...thank you for your work!