What People are Saying

Here's a few comments from people getting my latest book, The 1 Thing to Do.

What people are saying about The 1 Thing to Do Book

Emails we receive:

I was telling my counselor about you and how one session yesterday morning brought my nervous system down to such a peaceful and calm state afterwards that it was almost unbelievable for the few moments of experience.

- J. Parks

Hi, Ed!  I'm really enjoying The One Thing.  It's one of the clearest books I've read about Somatics, and one of the easiest to follow.

- G. Nelson

I am a convert. I noticed a change from the first time I listened to the video and am continuing to work with the book daily. I love that they are so easy and I intend to keep working with the 3 sets.

-A.M. La Spina

This is awesome. I really enjoy reading your emails & they inspire me to be consistent in my practice.

- Z. Ibrahim

Nothing else has changed myself so effortlessly!  Amazing first result.

- R. Hunter

Feeling much more relaxed and at ease.

- R. Spehr

I am already much better.  And will do this the rest of my life. : )

- I. Holvik

People who've worked with me, doing our online courses or programs.

Debbie, a Registered Nurse, tells her story of overcoming burning chest pain.

"It’s getting close to one year since I began working with you and a lot has happened.  I have not needed a steroid shot for the pinched nerve in my neck for more than a year.  This is a lot better than getting a couple of shots a year to maintain functioning.  My dancing has greatly improved.  The integration of my movements from Somatics has led to a higher order of functioning in my improvisational dance. There is a seamless flow to my movements, with a greater variety."

- R.C., ~Seattle

“You’ve given me the gift of movement for which I am very thankful”

- Joyce, Massachusetts

David, 79 year old retired college professor recovering from back spasms.

“Thank you so much for all the help that you have given me over the past year. I have discovered the secret to moving well and practise it every step of the way. I direct my friends who are wondering what happened to my limp and hopefully they too will learn the secret!

- Sue, Canada

Hear Carlton from Texas

Shooting pains came to end and can sit more comfortably while driving.

"Many thanks your excellent classes which get me and keep me out of pain and trouble."

- Robin, England

Devi came in with crutches, an hour later after doing some somatics exercises, she no longer needed them.

" I tried it out this weekend and I have to say…I’m still somewhat baffled by all this. There’s so little…effort involved and yet…I’m getting better results with it than anything else."

- Ken, California

Ed Barrera is a Hanna Somatic Educator®, H.S.E., Holistic Health Advisor, H.H.A., Muscle Balance & Function Development Trainer, M.B.F.

Author of Move Like an Animal:  Feel Comfortable, Move Well for Life in 3 Simple Steps.  Amazon Bestseller in Pain Management & Aging.

Latest book:  The 1 Thing to Do to Relieve Pain, Stiffness, Tension & Stress:  When You've Tried Everything Else.

Ed lived with chronic pain and fibromyalgia in his 20's & 30's.  So he appreciates the long road out.  He can help shortcut the way back to feeling comfortable for life.

Ed has over 20 years of experience, helping people find natural pain relief with somatics exercises which are the complete reverse to most approaches.  We use conscious gentle body movements that targets the brain’s motor cortex.  This resets the nervous system, and provides deeper states of relaxation which leads to a healthy, fully-functional body.

In an nutshell.  It's (sensory) motor control exercises/movement (MCE).  Mindful-based stress reduction (MBSR).  And progressive relaxation all rolled into one.   Where now the American College of Physicians (ACP) are saying is "the first thing to do relieve pain".

Muscle lengthening, recovery, relaxation and neuro-muscular control are restored by this "alternative to exercise” approach.  Plus, it's natural pain relief that actually works!

See how it works.