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You’re so alive… look inside


How do you feel? I mean how do you really feel? Can you describe right now in this moment or at any moment what your experience is?

Inside my head are terms and descriptions which I can’t always put a finger on. It’s as if I’m describing a rushing, splashing, sloshing, back-throwing, pushing up, getting sucked down, and at times still, peaceful, serene, translucent… river ride.

With all the activity going on inside of us, can we accurately describe the vast internal world of our inner processes. Surely we can feel our blood rushing, heart thumping, breath leaving or re-entry… even our pains are indescribably unique.

Is there more to life than pain? We all know there is… yet so many people continue to live with it. Understanding our true nature, may lead us out of it, as we come to more fully understand ourselves from the inside…

As you may know, Thomas Hanna, coined the term Somatics. He described this as the body experienced from within.

At Harvard, we’re getting to see what’s going on inside.

To read more about cinema meeting biology, go to this New York Times article.

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