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Neck and Shoulder PainThe holiday period can be a source of increased stress when there is little time to do all the things we want. The “to do” list may be a little longer than usual and increase any neck and shoulder pain.

As the pressures, tension and stresses keep adding up, what do we do to safely and effectively release the valve of pent-up demands on us?

The Stress of Neck and Shoulder Pain

All stress isn’t bad. There is both positive and negative stress. The good stress comes in thinking about all the wonderful gifts or things we’d like to do for our loved ones this season.

The negative stress may happen as we get ‘er done filling in the list with little time to do so. So how can we handle the negative stress so it doesn’t adversely affect us?

Pandiculate Neck and Shoulder Pain

One simple way is to pandiculate out the building negative tension. This way we keep it bay and can continue to take on stress as it comes.

Fortunately, we’ve systematized pandiculations as somatics exercises where we do very simple movements to get the brain to release chemicals of relaxation and this lowers tension levels.

In this giving season, you can give yourself a much needed break from rising tension which may add to any neck and shoulder pain.

Holiday Stress Buster – Neck and Shoulder Pain Audio Recording

If you haven’t accessed the free 15 minute audio routine to release the neck and shoulders. Try this for neck and shoulder pain.

You’ll be able to do these easy moves while your standing in line waiting or sitting in the car when traffic isn’t moving.

Have all the stress you want… and let it go as easily as a duck ruffles its feathers. Don’t let neck and shoulder pain slow you down for the holidays.


Stress Relief

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We have at our disposal the ability to have stress relief in an instant.

Each day our muscles respond to the demands or lack of demand we impose upon the muscles, even if we aren’t exercising.

Stress Relief, Use it or Stress

If your walking and crossing a street, you body will react to the hurtling speeding objects of a car by raising your shoulders up. Next time you go on a walk, feel if this happens. It may be a slight or imperceptible sense, yet this is how stress in our muscles add up.

Little by little, day by day, our muscles respond and add up frequent stress user points. Now if only we had a credit card which would take these stressful moments into account, we could all fly around the world many times over.

Yet with all the stress we accumulate, how often do we give ourself stress relief measures?

Stress Relief Made Easy

Instead of waiting till later, we can use a simple brain process the way healthy animals naturally take care of stress. After all, they have to deal with being eaten or work very hard to eat. Imagine how stressful that is.

Well animals use a stress relief method called a pandiculation. When our muscles tighten up and accumulate stress, we feel the associated stiffness and other noxious signals that comes with the territory of modern day living.

Vertebrate animals know how to bring muscles back to length, not by stretching as we once thought, they go about it by pandiculating their way to health.

They make stress relief look easy since they have to keep their muscles ready to be used in case they need to instantly flee.

We can use our brain and do the very act animals do to keep our muscles and feelings of tension and tightness at bay.

Stress relief is like a lost art. Did you know that most of us actually did this very animal act in our mother’s womb? Somewhere on the way to becoming an adult, we lost this healthy sense and process yet we can get it back on track with a little practice.

Stress Relief Online Class

Somatics exercises are used successfully to give us the ability to stress relief ourself at will.

When we feel the accumulation of stress, all we need to do is apply our lost sense and use our muscles in a way which will instantly create chemicals of relaxation.

This kind of stress relief is our natural way to self-adjust the overworked, stressed out muscles.

To remember how easy this is to do, please join us for an online stress relief class.

Stress relief is natural using the brain’s cortex so we can rest easy, rev up and relieve our ourself, again and again.

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