No Icing, Hot Tubs or Ibuprofens NecessaryA somatic athlete doesn’t rely on ice, ibuprofens, or a hot tub in order to relax and release stiffness or soreness.

The somatic athlete knows how to recover and rejuvenate simply using the brain and body together.

You don’t have to be an athlete.  Having the desire to master your body’s signals lets you take care of most any pain, discomfort, and stiffness.

After all, it’s our natural birthright to move well.

Of course, you have to maintain this ability which is afforded through the act of pandiculation or in the ways we’ve systematized somatics exercises.

Somatic Athlete Series

Not having the range of motion you think you oughta have?

I think I can touch my toes

Is the stiffness, lack of mobility getting in the way to feel free again?

Are you’re left limping or struggling to move comfortably?

You see, a somatic athlete knows to pandiculate out stiffness and high tension levels more quickly so she can return to her favorite activity or have less down time recuperating.

A somatic athlete plays the inside game of going into the body and the nervous system where the flow of information can be managed and updated like software.

Master Brain Software

Starting with your brain’s motor cortex, you can regulate tension levels along feedback loops of information.

You can feel and watch how a certain intention to move is followed by the movement you’re focusing your attention upon.

Much like an advanced athlete who uses visualization, guided imagery and meditates on a particular course or series of purposeful actions or movements which could occur.

The brain is now highly engaged.

Your intention to move sets up the brain’s motor cortex to learn how to move more successfully.  You can program better movement by going cortical.

Intention to Move Starts Here

After the learning has occurred, the program shifts to the lower brain so you can use it without as much thought.

A somatic athlete uses her brain to change the output of the negative signals she feels.

She’ll go cortical by using her intention and get out of discomfort and improve her feelings of well-being since she is at the place where you can change and affect the output of information the brain sends down to the muscles and movement system.

In time, you can master life-long comfort and the maintain the ability to use your body wisely and happily.

The opportunity to use using the brain’s cortex so you can feel fully relaxed, recuperated and rejuvenated is available on any moment’s notice when you set the power of intention as your starting point.

This is the realm of the somatic athlete.

Somatics Athlete Series Realm

Having a quiet confidence in knowing how to reset tension and stress so the hobbling, limping and altered walking after some physical activity doesn’t happen can be yours.

You’ll know what to do and how to take care of negative signals quickly.

Besides, once you begin to incorporate this in your daily life, you return to those childlike feelings of freedom when you could wield your body and do new things even as you age.

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