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Hamstrung by Hamstring Exercises


Have you been hamstrung and tried all sorts of hamstring exercises lately?

Hamstring Exercises

Those muscles behind the back of the legs can be tight and stiff in spite of our attempts to loosen them by stretching.

Is it possible to release other muscles associated in a causal chain of movement which will allow the hamstrings to be more comfortable?

Somatics hamstring exercises focus on the brain’s ability to release chemicals of relaxation so the hammies are free to move about without all the stiffness or tightness we carry around with us.

Hamstring exercises and a tight back

Many times, a stiff back is what prevents hamstring exercises from being effective. You can actually tighten things without realizing it, if you push contracted muscles beyond their set limits.

Freeing up the back is often necessary for the hamstrings to function more effectively.

Not only that, we may need to free up the shoulders, which if left too contracted, can have adverse effects all the way down to those screaming hammies. Ouch!

Somatics hamstring exercises class

Instead of the usual hamstring exercises and approaches, somatics exercises work with the brain’s cortex to release held muscular contraction levels which frees up the hamstrings.

Having a more flexible back, looser shoulders, more functional abdominal muscles and a freer neck allows the hamstring to work in concert with certain patterns of movements.

Hamstring exercises while all well and good, may not provide the necessary connection towards freer movement overall.

Join us  for our unique set of movements and hamstrings exercises which can surprise you in their effectiveness and ease of movement afterwards.

Somatics is often the reverse of most approaches out there since we use the brain to focus on freeing up movement rather than the brawn of exercise.

Hamstring exercises can be fun when we coordinate entire movement sequences which will ultimately free the hamstrings and undo being hamstrung.

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