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Somatics Shoes


Awhile back I had the pleasure of meeting Barefoot Ted and some of the tribe from the Exuberant Animals. A great group of physical educators who turned me onto a pair of great shoes that feel as if someone just put a warm glove on my feet.

Somatics Shoes… The no shoe shoe if you will.

It’s my understanding that the best shoe is one that has the flattest sole and gives us some protection from the elements. Shoes like the old PF flyers and Converse flat sole shoes are excellent examples.

The moccasin has been a favorite of many people. Another group of people, runners, are going at it in their bare feet.

Many people have told me that while at home, they enjoy the feelings they have being in their bare feet.

Vibram Five Fingers are definitely somatics shoes

Somatics which is defined as the body experience from within has met its match with the Vibram Five Finger Shoes that I call somatics shoes.

Imagine if you will putting glove liners and mittens on your hands all day. What do you think will happen to the function of your hands and arms? Wonder what is happening to our feet?

Somatics shoes fits like a glove, moves like an animal

If you want to move like an animal…try a pair and let me know if you can ever stand to wear another shoe again. Vibram has hit a home run with these somatics shoes.

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