7 – 7 minute Somatics Exercises Videos are here

In these hectic and busy holiday times, we may accumulate tension and stress in our muscles. Ouch!

Why not let it all go in 7 minutes or less with somatics exercises?

7 - 7 minute Somatics Exercise Videos

Somatics exercises are usually the reverse of most approaches

While many exercises are geared towards strengthening, these easy, simple movements target the brain’s cortex so it can lower muscular tension levels.

With lower muscular tension levels, our muscles can remain more relaxed.

When our muscles are relaxed, we’re no longer fighting our self. Movement becomes easy. Stress just flies off of us quickly.

Somatics exercises are so too simple

In 7 minutes or less, our brain can rewire our nervous system so our muscles lose the tension we accumulate in our busy, hectic lives. This is why I’ve just created 7 somatics exercises videos with each one around 7 minutes long.

Watch and follow along with easy, simple movements that change the brain which change how our muscles get back to comfort.

With a little practice, we can be more mobile, have natural flexibility and if pain comes up, we can learn to lose that too, effortlessly with somatics exercises.