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Stop with all the Trauma

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When we fall, our muscles go into certain protective trauma postures. We’ll go back inside of ourselves and stay there for some time until the trauma usually resolves itself. Sometimes it takes a little longer.

Can you release physical trauma?

What if we could use what nature has given us to release the protective holding of a physical trauma more quickly and confidently.

Releasing held trauma is something I know about since I realized I had been holding onto an incident which occurred while I was a young boy. Some 30 years of holding a pattern unconsciously kept me at bay – and I didn’t even know it. Until one day, I did a very specific maneuver and I was reminded of the event that I had long since forgotten yet recalled more from a conceptual level.

So here I was reliving it and at the same time “finally” letting go of it. The trauma which was held, let go. Sometimes we hold onto things more than necessary. Yikes.

Trauma & Knock KneesCompensations such as legs which are internally rotated can be a bear to live with, though in time we can get used to moving ourself around even if we’re hung up a bit, too stiff or get used to living with too much tension.

Heck we might have even created such a held trauma pattern by having read mystery or suspense books for too long with our knees knocking. Maybe those scary mystery books led us into another type of mystery such as scoliosis, which we can’t resolve.

Scoliosis and Trauma

Many people who have been diagnosed with scoliosis or suspect they have, often compensate with a fairly typical trauma response. While each of us displays this uniquely with certain vertebrate being pulled in one direction, another or in multiple distortions away from a neutral posture.

We can safely release held trauma tension patterns. After all, it has been happening to us on an ongoing basis. Our bones are not fixed as some would have you believe. If that were true, how come your still walking? Well maybe you’re still expertly limping around.

Held trauma patterns can cause us to limp too long so we favor another body part and compensate that around the trauma. We can get very good at navigating around, get used to it… until the pains of a lifetime keep knocking on the door again and again.

Trauma Release Class

Each week I teach people how the brain can let go of tension patterns, even if we’ve lived unconsciously with them like many of us have.

This week I’m offering an online class on a trauma release for the legs & hips which are more internally rotated. You can see that by looking at knees which roll inwards or a hip which is higher than the other one… or when we feel short waisted these types of compensations can let go when our brain’s motor cortex releases chemicals of relaxation so we regain both function and are more relaxed to move comfortably about.

You can get the class live or purchase a replay and enjoy it many times over. All you have to do is listen and follow along. No worries, you’ll be able to talk with me either live or in the replay portal where I’ll help you out.

Please don’t hold onto that physical trauma anymore, we can simply let it go and your brain is just sitting there waiting to make it happen now.

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Hip Pain Relief

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Hip Pain Relief Made Easy

Oh those aching hips which cause us to not to be able to sit comfortably in car rides or while we walk, if only there was some natural hip pain relief method we could use to be comfortable.

Our hip may have a slight glitch so our giddyup feels impaired and not the way it used to.

Sometimes our hips gets out of whack when they are cranked too far forwards or backwards making it hard to walk up or down the stairs.

Maybe one of our hips is tilted up higher than the other or rotated so when we walk we’re either dragging one of our legs around or throwing our hips about trying to catch up.

All this effort and strain can be minimized when we re-learn how to reset muscular tension levels which will allow us to strut and swivel our hips with ease.

Hip Pain Relief May Not Just Be in the Hips

Even though we may feel soreness and pain in the hips, it may be that some of our other muscles have forgotten what to do or are too tight or restrictive to prevent us from our natural birthright of moving easily like we did as children.

Try this hip movement.

Did you make the connection? When we start to pay closer attention to how we move not just as a part but as a whole moving living unit, we can unwind that which has led us to our binds so hip pain relief happens naturally… just like some of think it oughta be.

Hip Pain Relief Online Class

Tight, tense hip muscles are no way to live, so why bear it any longer?

Join me for an online class in hip pain relief. We’ll explore a variety of simple, easy moves you so can discover which ones can release your hips to more freedom and ease.

All you have to do is login, listen and follow along. You’ll be able to let those hips be smooth so they can glide, slide and get hip again.

Are you ready to enjoy a walk rather than push or hobble your way through it? Ready to sit more comfortably and not be wiped out?

Do your hips a favor and join me for a Mo’Better Hips – Pain Relief Class.

Yes, you can do this – even if it’s your first time.

Simple, easy moves will provide the hip pain relief you thought is possible.


Hip and Knee Pain

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Watch Hip and Knee Pain Video.

Easing hip and knee pain

Was that an easy move for your hips, knees and your back? To ease hip and knee pain, the back needs to be supple and flexible.

While some people will argue the case for strengthening the core, we can find ways to ensure the middle of our self is loose enough to have the requisite mobility to move easily.

Hip and knee pain can often be alleviated when our middle, the spine, begins to unwind itself from holding patterns which prevents us from moving our hips and knees comfortably.

Better mobility lessens hip and knee pain

Hip and knee pain sometimes go hand in hand when the hips have lost their mobility as well as the spine. Our knees may continue to get pounded in the same manner day in, day out when our mobility is less than optimal.

To move the knee around comfortably is to regain the ability and mobility we once had. Since movement is a memory, we can refoster those memories by going back to the well – of youthful movement in the artful ways in which somatics exercises remind us to move easily and with the least effort.

Natural flexibility allows hip and knee pain to abate

Instead of hard work or over zealous exercising, somatics exercises offers us a reverse way into the brain by slowing things downs so our hip and knee pain gives as we regain our natural flexibility once our mobility returns.

This week, you can join me for an online somatics exercise class where you’ve already seen the last movement. Now all we have to do is do the steps before that so the hip and knee pain abates when our movement software is updated.

We can learn to our way back to getting out of hip and knee pain by regaining the mobility we had and rediscovering our natural flexibility…otherwise you can kiss your knees hello!

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