I’m talking about proprioception. Maybe pro-prio-cep is a lame attempt at talking like our teenagers.

How we sense ourselves in the very field of gravity we all live in doesn’t get its props… except from those of us in the movement community… and well healthy vertebrate animals.

Since we mostly move in the field of gravity, some of us have a better handle on gravity and others of us are losing the battle. With a little re-righting of our proprioceptors, we can get back on track.

As our muscles become stiffer as we age, our inner self of sensing becomes restricted and we lose the precious sense we had as children. We would whirl around, roll down a hill, and jump up and down in the mud feeling the joyful and exuberant sensations which delighted us so much.

How we delighted in our sense of moving brings us to the rat who has a very interesting mechanism to get a sense of her world. Watch this video… and check out when our feline member pandiculates.

When our neurlogical mechanisms are intact… our internal sense to move well leads us to accurately feel and sense ourselves and self-adjust as necessary.

When in pain or discomfort, we can use our own internal perception to self-correct with awareness. Did you catch the cat simply pandiculating?

Go ahead and do the same, open the mouth just like the cat did… feel what muscles contract not only in the face but how about the neck.

The internal sensing of the cat allows the cat to self-correct tight feelings as we can do it in the same manner.

After all, the cat has to remain limber to catch the rat… and the rat has to have the good senses to flee in time… and run in the hole and use other senses to pro-prio-cep and keep moving.

Using our internal awareness allows us to be ready to move. Healthy proprioception matters if we want to move well.