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Back Whisperer


Are you a back whisperer? Can you take yourself or someone you know out of a back spasm fairly quickly?

Need a back whispererToday some 10% of us live in chronic back pain. Ouch! It’s probably not news that the number 2 reason we see a doctor is – for back pain.

Unless of course you’re a back whisperer.

While most adults have experienced back pain, some 14% of us will live with it for several days. 26% of us live with back pain for the entire day. That’s just wrong or so I say having had to endure back pains in my 20’s & 30’s.

The Back Whisperer and Back Spasms

Recently a client explained how he had helped a boy recover within 10 minutes from some back spasms.

“I was just at leadership camp and a kid went down with severe spinal spasms. I took a nod from you and moved him from completely rigid and incapacitated to walking around normally in under 10 minutes. Very cool.”

The kids who witnessed this now call him the back whisperer.

That is pretty cool since 39% of us live with back pain for a few hours. Are these people their own back whisperer or what is it that most of us do to overcome back pain?

Half, that’s 50% of the people pop pills. A good 1/4 use over the counter measures while 1/5 use prescriptions.

For the rest of us that are trying to do something about it, 34% do stretches some other type of exercises. Men outnumber women in terms of the percentages who are doing something.

Back Whisperer – Men or More Women

Does this mean women already do something right? Do they have less back pain? Do they know the way of the back whisperer?

In any case, the back whisperer secret is free for all of us to try. You can join our free mini-course and learn how to do the very maneuvers the back whisperer used on his young charge.

Hanna Somatic Educators know how fast back spams can resolve by carefully moving in simple, easy movement patterns when coupled with our awareness. By being aware of our movements, we resolve many holding tension patters and as a result, your body may say thank you.

Be Your Own Back Whisperer

No need for pain meds, no special equipment, and no arduous exercise involved. The secret of the back whisperer is awareness.

Instead of being yet another statistic, why not find out for yourself if you can be a back whisperer too.

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