Can too much sugar wreak havoc on the best of our efforts to remain healthy?

In these days of Covid.

My Naturopath (N.D.) let me know to tone down the sugar.
Why? Viruses love sugar.
If only our CDC would let people know what some doctors know.
During this time (and all times) it is important to keep our immune system up.

Here’s a list of what my N.D. recommended.

Of course, health information can seem or be conflicting.  From coast to coast.  The New York Times and Seattle Times reported dietary recommendations to guide us. 

So we may have to clear our way through the maze of 30+ years of nutrition misinformation to get back on track.

But those efforts pay the dividends of living an easier, healthier life. 

For example.  In our neck of the woods.   Exercise or movement helps our body.  Staying at home all bunkered up binge watching is fun.  But not the answer.
See, our approach is about self-regulation.  

Ease discomfort and regain comfort so it can
be maintained.

Our main focus is the application of conscious brain-based movement.  This helps us get a foothold on refining our self-perception.  We pay attention to subtle feelings as a result of a natural resetting process.

This intimate knowledge gives us a leg up on how we feel and how our body responds to life.  Sort of timely right now.

So when we eat.  Our senses can be fooled.  We can overindulge without knowing why since the brain is getting tricked.

Our healthy efforts can be like moving 1 step forwards, 1/2 a step back or more.

It’s no wonder the majority of us are weighing 25 lbs. more than 20 years ago.

The Bitter Truth

Look at this about our fat intake (from the Bitter Truth).

Our brain’s are having to deal with food-beverage trickery and our body, well you know the story.

Heck, when I won a t-shirt for winning intramural sports at the University of Texas in the late 70’s, I was given a large.

A couple of years ago, I was given a Wall of Fame large t-shirt to commemorate the past.

Wouldn’t you know when I compared the present to the past t-shirt.  The large got larger.

Doing the Right Thing

At sporting events for young and older duffers like myself.  I continue to see how athletes (and many people in general) are moving backwards.  Though they think they are doing the right thing.

Having kids hydrate with Gatorade is not in their best interests for the long run.

Simple alternative.  Some water and chia seeds is another way that this older athlete propels the body.
See, our brain can begin to form a stubborn habit to change.  So that’s why it can be hard to give up sugary Gator-crap.


Self-regulation is about learning.  And tweaking to live the fully healthy life we all deserve.  So some of those best efforts and common things to do have to change.
Plus, it can be fun to understand and embody how the simple things in life are quite powerful.

When it comes to regulating sugar – which can be difficult in these times – watch the Bitter Truth below.

This is heady stuff.  (So you can watch the long version below.)

It’s not nice to have our brain think it is starving.  Then take us on that path.

So all that sugar consumption is helping to continue a downward spiral.  Even if we are relatively healthy.  Bummer!

For another and shorter version, watch this.

So to recap. Sugar. Be careful.

To remain on the healthy side of life.
Check out how we go about self-regulate with greater ease.