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Somatics Exercise Video


Somatics exercises are different

Watch Thomas Hanna who created Hanna Somatic Education® teach a couple of somatics exercises to provide back relief. He coined the term, Somatics, “as the body experienced from within”.

Somatics Exercises are presently taught by Hanna Somatic Educators® to primarily relieve physical pain in our back, neck, head, shoulders, hip, legs, feet, arms and hands.

Somatics exercises are the slow, cortical alternative to exercise

Instead of just doing an exercise, somatics is carried out with our feelings and sense of movement. This is a far different approach than pushing or straining. And most anyone can do them since they are safe anatomically speaking.

To defeat pain, is to learn how to use this signal and then master it so it no longer controls us. This is easily accomplished with somatics exercises where we regain cortical control as our muscles remember to let go of holding tension patterns which often cause us the pain and discomforts we live with.

The soma in somatics

Thomas called the soma, our experience where we are neither mind nor body. We’re aware of our body’s internal actions. These actions encompass our sense perceptions and feelings where we use our individual learning process of the brain’s motor cortex to restore our self back to comfort.

Naturally, this is how we can easily live in our mind-body being.

Find out what the three simple steps of somatics exercises are to experience “the body from within”.

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