Better walking by not walking?

I remember when I could barely walk 50 feet and my shoulders would sear in pain and my ongoing tight back… well it would simply stiffen more as I trudged my way through it like a trooper. Why oh why?

Good news is, I was moving. The bad news, it wasn’t getting better and so after some time I just learned to continue to move painfully and suck it up.

So what can we do about better walking?

To be able to facilitate better walking, just imagine those lost feelings we had of childlike, easy movement.

We all know how well a panther can move.

Setting up movement is what all healthy vertebrate animals do before they have to run away or go after the prey.

Walking with stiffness like a zombie scared a lot of us as kids. Why did we lose our childlike feelings of easy, effortless movement? Is this the reward of aging or forgetting to move like an animal.

Better Walking by Not Exercising

The other side of the coin is using our brain, the one big muscle, to facilitate better mobility, agility and flexibility naturally as all healthy vertebrate animals do.

Simply through the conscious act of a pandiculation which has been systematized as somatics exercises can we move more effectively.

Somatics is not exercise in the traditional manner since all we are doing is using the brain to decrease excessive muscular contraction levels.

By decreasing those levels, we can move more easily so better walking is accomplished through the release of held muscular positions that we consciously can’t let go off or those that we aren’t aware of in the moment.

You can access this online class for better walking now.

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