Does Fido understand the art of movement better than us?

The Art of Movement Loosens Stiffness

Aging seems to come with a price of more stiffness, less mobility and flexibility which is a long forgotten memory. So why does Fido continue to move well as he ages?

Simply put, he pandiculates. He sets himself up for successful movement when he practices what appears as those morning stretches. Instead of stretching, he is contracting himself along a series of muscles in order to gain both relaxation and function.

This art of movement practice virtually goes unnoticed by us yet is key to moving well.

Free Muscle Cramps with the Art of Movement

When is the last time you saw Fido run and get a muscle cramp? All we have to do is rollover in bed… and out go the lights. Ouch!

To free a muscle cramp or muscular spasm is no big deal when you come to understand the art of movement which will easily and surely release what seems to be a mystery for many.

A tight, tensed up muscle releases itself not by pulling away in the opposite direction. This forceful method continues to be the way most people go at it.

On the flipside is to use an internal switch by learning how to tune down the built-up or holding tension. This is done by subtle movements in the direction of the offending signal.

Obviously there is an art of movement required here, yet anyone can learn how to successfully release a cramp.

The Art of Movement At Home

Good news is you don’t have to travel far to regain or master the art of movement.

Please join our online somatics exercise classe where you’ll gain access to the art of movement using the power of subtlety to erase stiffness, regain mobility and restore the lost sense of flexibility.

Youthful movement isn’t just for the young. The art of movement can be practiced at any age.